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Knowledge Katti  #DearLife...welcome to #TheJourneyOfKnowledge #Inspire before you Expire #Snap knowledgekrk


#DearLife: It’s extremely disappointing for me to leave these kids to live in thirds conditions.....playing where they SHIT and looking like they haven’t bath since BIRTH while we have Namwater, the government owned water corporation pumping water from Kombat and transporting it to industries and the capital city. The weekend of 3/4 March, I need 30 to 50 hairdressers and friends to come to Kombat.....wash and style these kids. Let them look like YOU (of course if do look after yourself as well😊)......talk to companies to sponsor SOMETHING.....from sanitary pads, underwear etc.....let’s change the appearance of approx 400 girls over that weekend🙏🏾......soccer and potentially live music and outdoor movies to close off the weekend in style 💪🏿💪🏿.....perhaps the Black Panther movie and other local productions 💪🏿💪🏿Let’s make@it happen #BelieveInKombat🙏🏾🙏🏾 #TheJourneyOfKnowledge

#DearLife: Turn your contacts into contracts 🙏🏾 #NewYork #TheJourneyOfKnowledge

#DearLife: Almost showed my skill to these boys - 3 point shooter 😬🏀. Who wants to take an L? #AllStar #TheJourneyOfKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: I made great friends during my 20 years of traveling across the world 🌎.....one of them, called JET LAG, stands out because we bonded fast and became best friends simply because of the sacrifices we did for each other in both good and bad times. Here I am chilling with JET LAG after midnight after ignoring me all day. There’s nothing you can do about it because JET LAG is command and you can’t take command #LANights thanks for the haircut bro @smoeksapreem #LosAngeles #TheJourneyOfKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: Good morning 🌞. It’s always fun when you are going to meet people that things they are smarter then the whole world 😂.....the usual politics is the belly. Will be a fun meeting 😉 #BelieveInNamibia🇳🇦 #Windhoek #TheJourneyofKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: I like my music to be clear.....and when I want to sing.....speaker must be loud (because I make up new lyrics and make sure no one hears my ugly azz voice). I travelled to Kombat with my new Marshall Woburn speaker this weekend. This morning before leaving Kombat, I went to the school to say bye, but heard that they need a new speaker. I decided to give them my speaker....damn, now I have to mumble when singing at home 😀😀. Well, I’m happy I could donate it to the school. Would you give the things you love to others? You should, if it will serve a greater purpose to those in need😬🙏🏾 #BelieveInKombat #TheJourneyOfKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: Kombat Combined School. Our goal is to add new classrooms next years grade 10 #LetsDoIt #BelieveInKombat #Forward #TheJourneyOfKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: At least 100 kids received their haircuts today. We will step by step get there but will need your help 😊....#BelieveInKombat #Faith #TheJourneyofKnowledge🙏🏾

#DearLife: These shareholders of Kombat deserves to look the best at all times. They must have the best haircuts and the girls must receive the best tips from the best hairdressers, stylists and beauticians. While all of that is a working progress and can be planned.....I want a few barbers and hairdressers to come to Kombat this weekend and help at least 100 of these boys and girls with haircuts etc. Barbers from Otavi, Grootfontein Windhoek Walvis Bay etc....come through. Of course we have water to give you 😊 ....a weekend of ideas in Kombat. Those who reached out regarding the Kombat documentary, this is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with Kombat #BelieveInKombat #TheJourneyOfKnowkedge🙏🏾

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