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Knocked Up  Documenting birth 1 babe at a time. 🎥📷 Los Angeles, CA


Read Serena’s interview with @voguemagazine ! You will always know your body better than the doc.

Let’s talk pubic hair.
I often get asked, “What should I do with down there for the birth?”
First, whatever is comfortable for you (I’m more of a jungle lover myself). Second, if you sometimes shave or wax, etc, I think a nice short trim is the best to keep the area clean during postpartum:)
📷 from @vagesteem
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I’m in love with this illustration and the postpartum movement this woman is advocating for.

Did any of you mamas have a difficult postpartum or are still in the deep end?

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The Lioness

For some women the altar of birth activates the lioness. The fierce instinct unthwarted to protect this sacred process comes alive, and the feral birthing woman could care less about how loud she is, who hears her scream, about how she looks, and how everyone around her feels. She claims her body, her sex, and her baby as her own. She growls at anyone who tries to interfere. The birth space is HERS. Respect it.

A primal directive awakens.

For some women, they leave the birth process confused and disempowered. They are confused that their care providers didn’t take their best interests into consideration. Their trust in their doctor mirrors trust in authority/Father/God, and they are so very confused that in the end, their own wellbeing was an afterthought to the convenience and hospital procedures. In the throes of labor, with so much activation, some women find themselves in a freeze response, unable to find their voice. Some women tire of using their voice, feel powerless to take control of an environment that has so many moving players and parts, and at some point resign themselves. All of these responses need the opportunity to be repaired so that women can mother and love as their whole selves, without those deep imprints of lack of agency, helplessness, and even danger.

And it’s totally possible!
Art: @hunterclarkefields
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To a year of great achievements.
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