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Rylan Anderson  20 | ecology student | vegan food enthusiast | queer af | am I doing this right? | probably not... [They/them]

Should I be cutting hair for some side cash?

As usual not remotely what I was going for, and yet ... I ain't mad #arcticfoxhaircolor

Please excuse the overexposure. I had to fuck around with my shutter speed to avoid using flash on my sleepy babies. Putting their little house on top of the shelf with the hole in it might just be the best decision ever made. Now I get to wake up every day to sleepy chin faces #chinchillas #cute #sleepybabs

A E S T H E T I C : stick insect terrarium

Newest addition to the family. Any stick bug puns to help me name him?

Look at how cute he is when he's not plotting our demise

And this is Kuzco

Finally bothered to upgrade my fish tank. Went from 5 gal to 8.5 gal, added plants, tetras, an African dwarf frog, and a cute little snail that hitchhiked on one of our plants

Almost didn't make it to the bank before it closed! So glad I've finally divested after having it on my to do list for weeks #defunddapl #waterislife

As the great Gordon Ramsey once said, "wow wow wow" #lhr #london #triptofrance

Testing out my 80s style for #sephorasweeps #sephorasweepstakes

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