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Knit Collage ~ Amy Small  We create beautiful handspun yarns & knitting patterns to inspire your creative spirit. Share your work and creative happenings with #knitcollage

Remember this blanket I knit up last year?! I just found it in my storage space and fell in love again. I think this idea would be so good for that sample yarn kit I'm working on right? I think we could come up with a killer scarf version. Let me know what you think! #knitcollage

This necklace still has me smiling. So fast to whip up and so darn pretty. Just one skein of our Wildflower yarn will make 12! Link in bio for details. On another note, feeling so exhausted but had a blast with my boys this weekend while my husband was out of town. The cowl and hat I thought I'd finish knitting did not get done and the house looks like a tornado hit. Oops! Welcome home honey, ha 😳 #knitcollage

Perfect Saturday vibes photo from @flaxandtwine love her use of color and cannot wait to see what she weaves up in our Wanderlust yarn. #knitcollage

Wow guys! Your answers to Wednesday's giveaway challenge truly blew me away. I didn't expect so many people to open up so deeply. I am so moved, thank you! Here are my favorite take aways from the big Q why is creativity important to you....I have to recap because they are so good and TRUE!
• making makes you feel closer to your true self. You can get lost in it, the idea that it's just for you, you time. This is my favorite one. I love this idea of tapping into your inner being. A few moms mentioned that this was their time to reclaim as me time. LOVE it!
• it makes us feel empowered, I did this now I can do anything. The power of our own 2 hands.
• it's like a form of meditation or therapy, you feel peaceful, happy and calm while creating
• it helps us slow down in our all too hectic lives • when we create we put more beauty out into the world. I love that and never really bought about creativity that way.
• it's a connection to important people in our lives, who are now gone but perhaps instilled a love of the craft in us. Also the connection we have from making with others.
• our projects tell a story of where we were at a specific moment in time in our lives that only we really know the truth behind.
• there are so many more! Head over to Wednesday's post if you really want to get inspired.
Thank you so much for sharing again...I love you all! Reading these on my 36th bday was a true gift. @megan.g.biddle you are the winner chosen at random! #knitcollage All the yarn shown here bc that's what my apartment looks like right now as I prep for the TNNA tradeshow 🙈

Whew! Today was a long one. These boys are truly giving me a run for my money at bedtime. Finally the finish line, knitting time! I have a lot of knitting on tap right now but I'm already thinking about my next @westknits pattern, what should it be? 🤔 one where I can mix stash yarns with ours would be best! Also 90 degrees today which means I guess I'll have to put my Penguono away till fall 😢 #knitcollage P.S. If you missed the yarn giveaway I'm running through tomorrow, see my post from yesterday w/ all the details.

Whipping up the Good Vibrations necklace could not be any simpler or satisfying! I loved putting down my needles and trying something totally different for this one. Spring and summer feel like great times to dive into jewelry making. Link in bio to pattern details. #knitcollage

Holy moly the comments you left on the last post have filled me with smiles all day. I want to say ME TOO, ME TOO to every single one! Thank you so much for sharing. I just posted this necklace pattern on my site, no knitting involved just our yarn, embroidery floss & plumbing parts. Truly a beautiful statement piece! Link in bio to info. Also, just one skein needed to make many of these. What a great graduation or birthday gift idea...I have a bunch of those coming up that need attention! #knitcollage

Giveaway time! Enter to win any 3 skeins of our yarn by doing the following. I'll choose a winner Friday at random.
1. Follows me here
2. Write a comment below either tagging 3 friends
3. Write a comment about why making and your own creativity is important to you. I'll go first and post my answer as the first comment. My weekend away has me thinking about this x 💯 and I want to be inspired by your answers ‼️#knitcollage #yarngiveaway

So much yarn and so many things to make before our big fall tradeshow happens in less than a month. Definitely feeling the heat right now but so happy to have @sashadanae by my side helping me out this time around. Also, her flowers, those help a lot too. I'm excited to share a little bit of what we have in store for fall in the coming weeks too. #knitcollage

Sometimes swatching is more fun than actually knitting the thing, anybody with me here? Getting very excited about these sample yarn knit packs and all the other wonderful new patterns we have in store for this summer and next fall. Yes! Bring on all the knits. #knitcollage

Woah THAT was one intense weekend and not at all what I expected. Not sure how to put into words what I witnessed @kripalucenter by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer & @rayyaelias Mostly, I came out of it feeling stronger, tougher and incredibly clear on what I want to do with my business than I ever have before. They are so authentic, so full of truth and I want to be just like them when I grow up. #bigmagic #knitcollage P.S. Stripe story shawl pattern knit in Wildflower and Sister yarns shown here. P.P.S happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!

This pic tho 👌our Spun Cloud yarn photographed by @mllesophie in color French Vanilla. I'm here at Kripalu with Liz Gilbert and she is sharing all the things. If anyone's interested maybe I'll do a blog on it next week- let me know. There's so much it's hard to share it in just a few sentences but I think this stuff is all going to seriously help that podcast I really am doing! #knitcollage #bigmagic

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