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Michael Knightmage Wilson  Just your average costume wearing, fun loving, caring guy! For convention or charity events contact me here or knightmage1@aol.com


I can't help but feel blessed and fortunate whenever I think about the doors cosplay has put in front of me to be opened as well as the relationships it's given me. Waking up to new emails and messages everyday with either new opportunities or messages of inspiration that I somehow instilled is almost surreal and very humbling. The added incredible thing is that nearly all of them mentions @superkaycecosplay as well. Her passion for the art is equal if not greater than mine and we frequently talk about how thankful and lucky we are. Our styles are night and day but I think that's exactly why we mesh so well, push one another and can offer so much. From numerous cosplay duo's, charity drives, conventions, panels, contests, awards, laughs and even some cries, we've been through alot and there's so much more to come! The best part about this entire thing is that while individually we do great things, together we're even greater.
#cosplay #duo #dynamicduo #convention #charity #friends

Red X (DC/Teen Titans): Day 1: 20% Complete. This was a character I wanted to do some time ago but got side tracked. Seeing that Teen Titans Go video I was in lit that fire again, so now I'm doing it. This is just craft foam then attached to a black hood.
#dccomics #redx #dickgrayson #teentitans #teentitansgo #robin

Throwback Thursday to when Captain Planet had enough of the Planeteers.
#captainplanet #earth #wind #water #heart #fire #planet #cosplay

So I found this wig in my craft bin, looked at it for a sec, quickly used a hair tie, looked at myself in the mirror and said...."whos the master"? I think it's time for some people to kiss my converse! Sho-nuff is coming!
#thelastdragon #shonuff #theglow

"Thank you for being a bigger guy and a cosplayer of color who doesn't give af. It makes me wanna cosplay too. How do you get past the negative stuff?". I get quite a few of those messages but lately I've been getting alot more. As flattering as it is to be considered an inspiration in that aspect, it's a shame that there even has to be inspiration out there in order for people to feel comfortable enough to do it.
How do I get past it? While the notion that cosplay is for everyone and there's no wrong way to do it is widely known and accepted, which I too believe, there are those who feel the ONLY way to "pull off" or be a character is if you're accurate to the source material whether it be sex, race, body type etc. And while everyone is entitled to their opinion, remember that cosplay is an art form and art truly is subjective. I get past the negative because I personally feel that opinion just isn't what cosplay is about. You are who you believe yourself to be, period.
I don't pull off characters based on imitating them in likeness. I pull off characters because I make those characters adapt to become me, in whatever way I am and want. You can disagree with it and my choices but at the end of the day what you eat won't make me shit and I'll still call myself whomever it is I believe myself to be. And that's why I am that character no matter what.
#cosplay #dccomics #robin #boywonder #cosplayer #cosplayofcolor

"Peace was never an option." - Magneto
Photo by Gwen Graham
#magneto #cosplay #marvel #marvelcomics #mutant

You can call me.....Magneto!
#xmen #magneto #mutant #marvel

Magneto w/ Sentinel head: Day 3: 100% Complete. Everything on Mageneto and the head is foam. I'm pretty happy at how it all turned out.
#magneto #cosplay #mutant #xmen

Soooooo, this morning I was thinking that Magneto needed a prop. And then this giant beaten down Sentinel head happened. Everything is foam and the eyes are bicycle reflectors.
#marvel #magneto #xmen #mutant #sentinel

Magneto helmet is coming along nicely. I can see this build coming together in my head.
#cosplay #magneto #xmen #mutant

Got a few shots of Black Adam this morning. Look, I'm flyin!!!!
#blackadam #cosplay #dccomics #wizard #magic

30 years ago today, the stalk began. Predator is still one of my favorite movies and has become one of my favorites costumes.
Photos by @sfdesign21
#predator #arnoldschwarzenegger #predators #cosplay

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