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Kai went to the vet today to get fixed. I feel for her as I went through the exact same emotions when I got fixed. - It's a lovely day for a car ride. Going to get some ice cream. la la la la la. - Wait, that's not the ice cream place! - I don't need fixed. I ain't having sex, I swear! Please don't do this! - *sigh* Fine! Let's get this over with. Bring it on! - (After the procedure and on meds) MAN, WHAT HAPPENED? YOU KNOW WHAT, I DON'T CARE! THIS IS SOME GOOD SH*T Y'ALL GOT ME ON! LET'S DO IT AGAIN BABY! WOOOOOOOOO - (After meds wore off) I'm not all sure what happened today but I'm sure I hate you for whatever it was.
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The Phantasm - Day 1: 50% Complete. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is still one of my favorite movies ever and it hit me to do my take on the character. The belt is foam and the cape/hood I sewn and used a soldering iron to burn the edges then weathered everything. I'm still undecided whether to go with or without the loin cloth but I still need to do the mask, glove and hand blade so I'll decide once it's all together.
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Remember that scene in The Dark Knight Rises when Bane intimidates Daggett simply by placing his hand on him? That's often my life.

Me: Ok, Sassy Cat. It's time for me to get up now. I'm in charge here.

Sassy Cat: *places paw on my face* Do you feel in charge?
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Cosplay Culture Magazine collectable cover with Stan Lee (and cover story with ME, AHHHHHHHHHH) will hit newsstands in the next week. Ok, one more freak out.....AHHHHHHHHHH
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Cosplayers, please remember with any praise, opportunities or success that may come your way, be proud but stay humble enough to know that you're not better than anyone else, yet wise enough to know that you're simply making different moves from the rest.
Robin: @superkaycecosplay
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Just finished Aqualad for @rkg_cosplay Cosplay. I think we look like some badass Atlanteans.
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Fun night drinking with some of the family. I share a lot of my life because contrary to popular belief, you all aren't just names on a screen. You're family too! Tomorrow's mom's funeral. Thank you for all the comments, messages and letters giving your condolences. I may not know how you found me but I'm thankful everyday that you did.
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Aquaman: Day 3: 100% Complete
Photo By Gwen Graham
The armor, leg fins, octopus shoulder harness for the cape and the trident is all foam. The top is a fish net shirt over top a airbrushed compression shirt. The shoulder pauldron is foam with tons of different sea shells. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
#aquaman #cosplay #atlantis #dccomics

The King of Atlantis, Aquaman is here! 100% Complete.

Sidenote: This video and photo shoot was after I spent 10 minutes floating in the lake because I slipped on the mossy platform you see up front and couldn't get out, all while a nearby duck laughed at me. If I ever see that duck again I swear on everything it's going to be a misunderstanding because we're moving furniture and having it out!
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Throwback Thursday to the time I became the world's first superhero.....Captain Caveman!
#cosplay #captaincaveman #cartoon

Aquaman: Day 2: 65% Complete. The King is almost ready to rule over Atlantis once again.
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Kai is so adorable......when she's not trying to steal my underwear. Also, let it be known that she just gave her toy dragon a "Rock Bottom" and is now going for the 3 count. I'm teaching her well.
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