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Knightenator  🤘🏻British game streamer (34k+) 💕Twitter: knightenator 💀Twitch: knightenator 🖤Merch: 💵Business:

Twitch! 😍

Princess curls, nerd brain. 👌🏻 do you guys follow me on twitter? for all my fantastic thoughts 😉

Italy! 🍕😍 check my story for all the pictures and videos 👌🏻

Fresh hair! And I’ve just learnt how to upload multiple pictures 😂 HOORAY. Btw, if you’re reading this within 4 hours of upload: I’m live on twitch! Join me!

Feel like I’m in such a weird headspace at the moment. I feel so wrapped up in a concoction of different emotions. Uncertainty is the most pungent right now. Pinpointing why or where this truly comes from is so difficult, which means sharing it to those concerned is an impossible task. “I feel weird, I don’t know why, I can’t tell you, I can’t even tell myself”... I have incredible moments, things to look forward to, a fabulous support network and I feel like I shouldn’t really have this unease lurking at the back of my mind. Tonight it’s shouting louder than normally. So it’s time to do the usual: have a bath, read a book and try and ignore the cloud. - if you’ve read this far, thanks. Time is so valuable and I worry that I’m not spending mine in the best way often. So thanks for spending your time on me. Don’t be concerned, I’m ok, just letting you in a bit and trying to unscramble my brain too. This too shall pass. Much love 💕

It’s been a while since I’ve felt well enough to do fancy makeup! Inspired by @jamescharles @shanedawson @jeffreestar // using @sleekmakeup @nyxcosmetics_uk

What’s your favourite season? I’ve enjoyed the autumnal day today after the past week of heat wave 🍂 can’t wait until candles, baths, jumpers and Halloween!

Repping the best game 👌🏻#osrs #07scape #runescape #snapback #gaming #mmorpg

In my natural habitat (ps IM LIVE right now!!) #twitch #gaming #runescape #quersus #gamer #twitchstreamer #redhead

Sorry for being so busy, instagram! If you don’t keep up with my insta stories then you’ll have missed the incredible stuff I’ve been up to recently. At the weekend I had a Meetup of my followers and subs and it was AMAZING. I captured the day and I’ll be showing it live on stream tonight at 7pm for a viewing party! Come join us and say hello, take away those Monday blues!

Any nightowls still up at this time? 🌒 🦉 🦇 just finished an incredible stream, even played a new game, House Flipper, and it was super fun and a lovely break from Runescape. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face. Thank you for being the ones to put it there!


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