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KNEKT  We make trigger activated devices, a dome port & more for the GoPro camera. Patented and made in the USA. KNEKT YouTube / KNEKT Vimeo channels.

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Take a swim with me for #sharkweek 🙌 @oneoceandiving @gopro @knektusa @bombereyewear #saveoursharks

Well this is me, @sharksneedlove official signing off 🖋 I hope you've all enjoyed my shark indulged posts and that you'll continue to enjoy the remainder of Shark Week 2017 and the KNEKT feed!
Before I go I'd like to take this opportunity to thank KNEKT for hosting me on their page these last few days. Having a glimpse of my GoPro footage featured in an official Shark Week show is proof alone that KNEKT are leading the way in innovation and quality 🤘 #TeamOrange! Lastly, please follow me and stay in touch if you’d like to keep updated on my shark filled, slightly obsessed life- @sharksneedlove
📸 Photo: Using my KTP18 Trigger Pole and KSD6 Dome Port
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Words and image by @sharksneedlove “Tiger sharks are only found in deep water. Wrong! @biminisharklab regularly find large (between 2-4 meters) tiger sharks in water as shallow as 4 meters! What are they doing in the shallows? Feeding? Giving birth? Both? The 'Sharklab' have caught both females and males, some as small as ~90cm and some as large as ~4 meters. Some new captures, some previously tagged, some relaxed, some super fiery and some even pregnant! Tiger sharks are fairly abundant in the protected shark sanctuary waters of the Bahamas and for that us sharkaholics are grateful!”
📸 Photo: Taken on my KTP18 Trigger Pole with KSD6 Dome Port
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #uw #tigershark #saltlife #splitshot #bimini #sea

Words and video by @sharksneedlove “How's everybody enjoying Shark Week so far??
Living in Bimini means every week is shark week for me but there’s one particular time of year that's my favorite, lemon shark pupping season! Each year Bimini's pregnant lemon shark population venture close to shore to give birth to their young. Just like us humans, lemon sharks nurture their unborn through a placenta and just like us humans lemon sharks nourish their young via an umbilical cord. As these sharks give birth the umbilical cord is released, if you’re ever fortunate enough to see a neonatal lemon shark take a look underneath, you’ll see they even have little belly buttons, just like us! Cute or what!”
🎥 Video: Taken with my GoPro dressed with just my KSD6 Dome Port
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #lemonshark #saltlife #splitshot #bimini #uw

Words and image by @sharksneedlove "I know what you're thinking, this looks boring right? 😝 My friend @emily__spurgeon was shooting video here in Bimini with me but faced an annoying problem, shaky footage. Most of her video was bumpy due to filming one handed whilst freediving. So, I came to the rescue and offered to loan her a few of my KNEKT pieces so she could see and feel the difference a few good pieces of kit would make. Let's just say, there was no going back, she went to the orange side! 🍊”
📸 Photo: Emily is using the KDT Diver Trigger, KSD6 Dome Port and KDF4 pink filter
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #reefshark #saltlife #freediving #bimini #uw

Words and image by @sharksneedlove “Yes sharks are important, but their habitat deserves just as much attention.
Mangrove forests offer a nursery ground and home to a variety of life. Sharks, rays, crabs, fish, seahorse and a whole host of other sealife depend on their presence, especially the young who seek refuge in the safety of the mangrove roots. This safe haven is an important first home for many of our oceans inhabitants and we have a duty to protect them.
Many coastlines have already reduced or removed mangrove forests, unfortunately the main reasons are all too often related to human greed- A new community complex or an 'exciting' new hotels being front runners.
#DidYouKnow - The dense root systems of the mangrove forests trap sediment which is hugely beneficial in reducing erosion and hurricane damage. This incredible, natural, filtering process helps stabilizes the coastline and contributes towards the prevention of erosion from the likes of waves and storms. In fact, a study showed in some areas where mangroves systems have been cleared/removed coastal damage from hurricanes and typhoons was considerably more severe.
With this in mind please care about the mangrove forests, they offer a considerable amount more than just being pretty little water trees 💚”
📸 Photo: Keeping it simple with my GPLT and KSD6 Dome Port
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #lemonshark #saltlife #splitshot #bimini #uw

Words and image by @sharksneedlove “As I headed out in search of turtles and rays, the last thing on my mind was that I’d run into a ~4 meter great hammerhead, especially out of the Bimini ‘hammer season’.
As this giant rolled in I took a breath and dived on down, she was the polar opposite to intimidated; she was insanely bold and swam past me with a real confidence and presence. I could feel her intentions, she was searching and hunting for a meal to keep her finely tuned body going for another day. My mind (and heart rate) were racing. She was enormous. She was beautiful. She was harmless to me of course, but most interestingly, she was covered in mating scars. The @biminihammers are a group of sharks seen regularly here in Bimini during the winter months and the @biminisharklab identified approximately 27 individual last season. Fascinatingly though, no Bimini hammerhead has ever been seen before displaying mating scars! Exciting is an understatement.
Did she mate in Bimini? Did she mate and migrate to Bimini? Who knows! Little is known about these great hammerheads, and scientists such as my husband @tristanguttridge are searching for the answers these sharks are hiding, but for now, we’ll have to keep on guessing.”
📸 Photo: Taken on my GoPro Hero4 with the KNEKT KDF4 pink filter
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #hammerhead #saltlife #bimini #knekt #uw

Words by @sharksneedlove, video by @tristanguttridge "So, Shark Week fans are you ready for tonight's shows? This clip was actually taken by my husband @tristanguttridge on set filming the episode #PhelpsVsShark that airs tonight at 8pm! Tristan is an expert on shark behavior but a novice with a camera so he borrowed my KNEKT gear and excitedly hit the water to try out some split shots with white sharks! He certainly nailed it and created this little clip 💪 It’s epic to see that white shark up close but all I can think about is that insanely poor visibility, those poor little seals must be living in constant fear of being predated on! Yikes!”
🎥 Video: Taken on my KTP18 Trigger Pole with KSD6 Dome Port
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #greatwhite #saltlife #splitshot #knekt #jaws

Footage taken by @sharksneedlove using our KDT Diver Trigger, KSD6 Dome Port and KDF4 pink filter 💥!
Repost @sharkweek "@sharksneedlove on her eagleray footage featured in tonight’s #GreatHammerheadInvasion:
“Rays? But it’s Shark Week! This clip shows the beautiful spot and donut filled wings of an abundance of eaglerays which are found here in Bimini, Bahamas. Although beautiful they are high on the ‘hit list’ along with southern stingrays for a great hammerheads lunch or dinner. Does it surprise you that a shark like a hammerhead would eat something it’s related to? - Sharks and rays are related after all. Well, it shouldn’t. Many sharks actually predate on other sharks, for example, lemon sharks are known to eat smaller lemon sharks, and hammerheads are known to target and eat blacktips! It may also shock you that some sharks are known to eat their siblings through intrauterine cannibalism! If you thought sharks were top of the underwater food chain, think again, it’s a lot more complicated and for the best part age and size related."
Video: @sharksneedlove 📸
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A surprise is coming.. Peekaboo!
Hi KNEKT fans it's Annie from @sharksneedlove here and I’m kicking off the week with a KNEKT takeover! You guessed it, there’s no coincidence I'm taking over the KNEKT account during the sharkiest week of the year, Shark Week 2017! Over the next few days I'll be sharing some pics and videos of my shark filled adventures showing you how my KNEKT products have got me closer to the action! Feel free to ask any questions along the way and enjoy my KNEKT story!
Video: Taken with my KSD6 Dome Port 🎥
#knektusa #sharkweek #sharks #shark #sea #lemonshark #saltlife #splitshot #bimini #uw

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Cheers to the weekend... @jrad252 on the tilt!!! Stay woke...Thanks @wakesurfobx for an amazing Friday!!!!! #staywoke #getintheboat #wakesurf #funday #framegrab #knektusa #gopro 🛳🏄🏽🍺

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