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Maria  20 y/o, Dutch, fangirl 💁😘 Cosplay:ikol.cosplay Tumblr: kneel-to-maria Fb: Ikol Cosplay

A few of the Disney princesses I want to cosplay :) (I want to do all of them actually xD) {|#disney #princess #disneyprincess #ariel #kissthegirl #anna #frozen #merida #disneyprincesses #art #fanart |}

Found Loki's new way of transportation :P

Ah yes, the lovely smell of burning school stuff xD In which my brother takes after me. I burned economics two years ago hahaha

Alright so.. I just scrolled back and was hit with such a wave of nostalgia. Back when I first joined the fandom. God I miss those people. Back when I first started roleplaying, I think I miss those people the most. I remember the stories we came up with, I actually stood by a tree for three hours in france because I needed wifi to continue a rp masquerade. When I think back my heart aches. I remember the feelings and the people and I miss them so much. Some people I still kind of know. They're not that active anymore. I remember some people, the way they looked, what they liked. I lost contact with them. I miss them too. I wish I could go back in time even for just an hour. Just to experience that wonderful community again. If any of my followers from then stuck around, please message me, I would love to catch up.

Hello followers of my personal account xP I should stop abandoning you guys sorry. So here, I watched frozen and wanted to do the kind of nails I'd do for Elsa. :)

contrary to popular belief I am not yet dead xD I do however ignore this account a lot soooo... hi :D how are you all xD I love meeting internet friends (aka the picture above, in case you were wondering wtf who is he) :P

I love my dad, he knows exactly how to cheer me up after that HORRIBLE CIVIL WAR TRAILER. -whispers- bbys don't fight please

Too early for christmas nails? Never!

Me and my friend made this awesome cake :D the taste was so good

And the spaghetti looked gross xD

Halloween :) I took many selfies with people being scared of my scythe :3 @lysoenk as Dean :D

This is hilarious 😂 Thanks tumblr :P

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