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Katherine McAdoo  I'm Katherine - a food loving designer based in southern Florida. I like Disney, dogs, and beer.

Apparently Memorial Day weekend is for really starting to walk. And for not being able to focus my cell phone properly.


These are amazing!!!!!

Went to Stuart for the first time and played in a pretty awesome park. Pretty great lunch and play break with Stella's Aunt and uncle!!!

Ermygersh WATER!!!!!

#momlife because grabbing all the things your kid dropped is constant.

Girl slept in until 8:30 today because apparently it's exhausting to wake your parents up during the night ๐Ÿค— she cute though, so it's cool, it's cool.

๐Ÿ˜ hats, babies, mother's day. Oh my.

Sad Jason is sad because no one is texting him.

Let's have a conversation: how do people get adorable feet art? Is it always baby torture? Because the art we produced today was made with more sweat and tears (no blood!) Than I've ever dealt with before. #mothersday #rightbeforethetears

Dancing puppies with ice cream and pineapples? Yes please!!

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