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Katherine McAdoo  I'm Katherine - a food loving designer based in southern Florida. I like Disney, dogs, and beer.

Drinks with my girl 😎

Anyway where I get to dress up this little thing and spend my day with her is a good one. Happy Easter!


This week's determination has been to stand on her own and I managed to get one on film.

Today we learned to love the beach.

Key Largo bound.

Can play with one dog, pet the other, and discuss the Xbox with the baby. Pro papa.

I spent lunch taking photos of this little thing outside. She was happiest when I let her eat the camera.

Guess what #8monthsold do not enjoy? Laying on their back when they could be rolling/standing/playing! This thing doesn't stop moving and hates being physically restricted (aka constantly rolled back onto her back for this photo.) Mama lesson learned.
If you were wondering, she's still hella tall, fairly large in weight and stuff, and growing out of 12m onesies...And some 18m ones...And this outfit is 24m.....

Sleeping baby is in my top favorite things ever. Don't get me wrong, giggling awake baby beats sleeping baby. Ok, fine, j just really like this baby, she's cool, ok?

Girl can rock a ear flower like no other. Also, she hates those teething biscuits. I've tired for a good month and a half now and she's having none of it. They are actually pretty good too!

Riding her papa has the best views

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