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Katherine McAdoo  I'm Katherine - a food loving designer based in southern Florida. I like Disney, dogs, and beer.

Ermygersh WATER!!!!!

#momlife because grabbing all the things your kid dropped is constant.

Girl slept in until 8:30 today because apparently it's exhausting to wake your parents up during the night 🤗 she cute though, so it's cool, it's cool.

😍 hats, babies, mother's day. Oh my.

Sad Jason is sad because no one is texting him.

Let's have a conversation: how do people get adorable feet art? Is it always baby torture? Because the art we produced today was made with more sweat and tears (no blood!) Than I've ever dealt with before. #mothersday #rightbeforethetears

Dancing puppies with ice cream and pineapples? Yes please!!


#truth. Boy shirts paired with too large girly shorts. Because it's almost bedtime and I don't care. Usually the shorts aren't even there.....

Because laying on her back is the worst, here's a happy baby #bruisesbyherhairdontcare

#9monthsold with a blossoming personality. Stella is brave and determined. She is a wild eater and loves crackers and carrots or whatever I am eating, which includes key lime pie. I'm really happy that my kid likes key lime pie. The puppy dogs are her favorite and I love watching her relationship with Teemo (it's great). I can't tell you how much I love this thing. I can't express enough positivity about the last 9 months and how much I love this whole parenting thing. If you haven't met Stella, I hope you get to soon.
Which brings up, Ohio (north) in one month!!!

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