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cool art with a cool friend
#48blocksac #48blocks
such a cool experience, local art is such an underrated beauty

happy friday from me and my wacky roommate (link in bio)

oh i am a happy boyo this morn


here's me and my pup :)

i know you stalk my instagram anyway, but happy father's day, dad. you're strong and wise and incredibly inspiring. even if we annoy the hell out of each other sometimes, i know that whenever i need you, you are there. thank you for believing in me, and thank you for accepting me. thank you for everything. i couldn't have asked for a better father to celebrate today and play resident evil 6 with. you're one of a kind, and i love you for it.

picture by (@_.hey_.man._ )

i just want to thank you guys so so so SO much for being in my life. having so many friends and being able to grow as a community with them is such a blessing. i am so honored to be here with you guys and i hope that this summer i can kick off some super awesome things! like a p.o box, or a contest, or even merch!
i am so excited for what the future holds and i just want to thank you all for coming along with me, and for being my friend. i love you so so so muchπŸ’š

happy day of birth to one of the greatest friends i've ever had the pleasure of knowing. kit kat, you are one spectacular person, and as intelligent as they come. i am so proud of you and i miss you so very much! HAVE A SPLENDID BIRTHDAY!!


we're not ready to be seniors

hate, is an ugly thing, and i experience it first hand every single day. at first, i would be hurt and upset, then i kinda just grew numb to the negativity. having my friends' support often helps, but i still doubt myself when i do see someone hating on me for no particular reason. i wonder to myself, what did i do wrong? how can i fix this? how can i make sure that i please them so they don't feel this way?
and then i come to the realization that it is not me who did anything wrong, and that i am doing the best i can.
hate is an ugly thing, worn by ugly souls, and so i refuse to stoop down to any of their levels.

i don't need to please anyone, and not everyone needs to like me, that's not the way i want to live.

i have so many people in my life, those few sad souls aren't worth a lick of my time. you guys remember that too, the people who feel that it is okay to hate on you, are not worth your time nor your energy.

so, to those who hate me for no legitimate or rational reason, keep on hating. it'll make you feel good for now, but once you realize that it does nothing for you in the long run, you're the one that'll feel stupid.
but i'm not here to make fun of those who do hate on me because of my follower count or out of pure jealousy. i am here to encourage them, bring it on guys, because if you haven't noticed- i couldn't give a rat's ass ;P

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