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Keep Moving Forward Athletics®  Family▫Faith▫Fitness Contact Us:☟Questions/Prayer Requests Temecula, CA 🇺🇸


When the enemy wants to steal he doesn't do it all at once he does it little by little. Be careful what you allow into your life you don't want to look back one day and realize you missed out on living your best life.

John 10:10
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Happy Sunday!
High of 80🌡in SoCal today.. But if you live anywhere else in the U.S. pick up our long sleeve hoodies

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There's so many people out there hurting living in pain. We don't have to act like we have it all together, it's one of our biggest problems we feel like we have to carry the burden alone.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28
Prayer Requests: KMFClothing@gmail.com or DM us
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KMF Heart Shaped Leggings
Available Now

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It ain't about how hard you hit it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

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If you didn't experience pain, how would we feel joy?
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What is the difference between your purpose and a goal? Creating a clothing company was never a major personal goal. Real Estate was my passion from a young age, it's where I set my goals to, and pursued with school. But along the way God planted this seed for KMF and more and more showed he had a purpose for it. Over the course on several occasions I wanted to quit and one time I even fully made up the decision it was time to close. I saw no growth, days between sales felt far in between. Frustrated I thought what am I doing this for its taking time, attention, money away from my real goals. When that day came to close I recall telling a friend that I had nothing left in me, as I was saying this my phone buzzed... it was an email notification of a purchase. Call it a coincidence, fate, God or whatever you'd like but it was God speaking to me. One of the biggest questions he has posed was is our goal selling a large amount of t-shirts? Or is our goal to touch lives and help people find hope in the midst of their life struggles? We receive countless dm's, emails, and comments from people for things as simple as a quote being seen at the right time, or as big as a prayer request for a dieing loved one. That right there is purpose, we dont know where God will lead this but by his grace we will be here until he says otherwise. To anyone who's read this whole thing, if you have a purpose, pursue it. It will be a long tough road but God has the steering wheel.
Prayer Requests: kmfclothing@gmail.com

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Our biggest problem is we want things to happen on our timing. We get anxiety, we doubt, we feel defeated.
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done
Philippians 4:6

Get on your knees and pray then get on your feet and work!
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In case no one has told you today:
You're beautiful
You're loved
You're needed
You're alive for a reason

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So much to be thankful for today, we are overwhelmed with grace. But our hearts are heavy also for those that lack. We are donating days of hot meals for every item purchased. Whether you help through purchasing through us or simply donating straight to great organizations, you can help.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving from us at KMF Athletics
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