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Konnie Metaxa  📍🌎 Aquarius in pursuit of Magic 🌙✨

Life is simple 🎻

Could have filled a garden
With all the flowers that you gave me
But none of them were ours
You know the problem with history
It keeps coming back like weed
And when nothing feels enough
At least you taught me how to love
Yeah, yeah
And God knows that sex is
A way to feel a bit, a little bit less lonely

Baby, baby, baby, baby 🌾🍂

Was it worth losing my bag for this picture? Nah u

Απέραντο Γαλάζιο 💦 #travelgreece

This is Fernanda, my Portuguese twin on @badoo_gr who has this awesome haircut. This new feature allows you to look for your lookalikes or your favourite celebrity clones...and the results are amazing! 🎉 Check it out and let me see your own lookalikes by posting your photo with the hashtag #badoolookalikes. #badoo

We are all strange
And It ain't never never ever gonna change

We’ll put mirrors on the ceiling
We’ll have a bunk bed by the bath
You’ll line my mattress with nails
One for every time something psycho came out of your mouth
Your cavern eyes are preying
Your scarlet lips half saying
A sales pitch for the circus in your mind
Young lady, you’re scaring me
Dumbbell right to the temple
Carry me to your shrine
Dedicated to the prince of the last of your nine lives
She waited in the darkest corner all night
Until I closed up shop, I turned out the lights
Then she begged for me to drive her home
I thought about the Kensington Strangler as I was about to say “NO”
When we pulled up to her bleeding dollhouse
She said, “Park behind the hearse.” I said, “No need. Get out and take your purse.” Young lady, you’re scaring me
Remember that time you wrote me two hundred letters, never once to a single reply?
Remember they all referenced a love that wasn’t real?
Considering we talked maybe one or two times
Young lady, you’re scaring me

Don't tell me this doesn't feel right
'Cause I'm thinking 'bout it every night
Take away the pain
Pull it from my vein
Touch me like you do
Fall right back to you
Pull me underneath
Hold me till I breathe
Touch me like you do
Fall right back to you

These waves are mad crusty tho

Anyone else sick of the heat? 👀 #timekoitas

Ugh, kids 🚀

That motherfucker's always spiked with pain

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