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Wanna feel small? This was on our descent from Thorung La, probably around 16,000 feet. The descent was FAST and hard. Our legs shook with every step, but the view was incredible and humbling 🙏🏻🏔 #FoapAug18 Foap username: kmeiz12 .
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Making this my forever aesthetic 🏔 .
I’ve been asked a lot about the gear we brought with us, so any hikers/trekkers out there wondering what kind of pack to get, I LOVED my @ospreypacks Ariel AG 65L pack. While my boots didn’t work out quite as well, I had zero back pain or shoulder pain since the weight was perfectly balanced in my hips. The antigravity system is everything 🙌 you can find a link to it in my bio, my pack was “tidal blue” .
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Summer weekends ☀️

Going through our Nepal pictures and 😍 this is real. Hard to believe my eyes saw this and my body walked through all that beauty #latergram #nepal #nepal8thwonder #mountains #beautiful #nature #naturephotography #annapurnacircuit #annapurnacircuittrek

This beautiful soul captured my heart today! We got to give her a bath (and she gave us one too 😂) in the river. Afterwards I snuck a kiss and trunk hug in 😍 I’m in heaven 🐘 #beautiful #loveelephants #nepal #nepal8thwonder #chitwan #chitwannationalpark #sapanavillagelodge

After trekking for 11 days, 7 hour daily average, and roughly 100 miles, WE DID IT. Starting in Besishar at 2,400 ft we ascended to the world’s highest pass at 17,769 ft before walking another two days to Jomsom at 9,000 ft. Monkeys in the jungle, yaks in the mountains, mustangs in the desert, and multiple different climates. Now time to sit in the sun at Pokhara and play with elephants at Chitwan National Park! ✅🙏🏻🤙🏻 #nepal #annapurnacircuittrek #annapurnacircuit #thoronglapass

Warning: long post ahead!

Day 7: This view is beautiful, but it had to be earned. The last few days have been HARD. Mentally deconstructing and physically painful. I look up and see the Nepalese people working in the fields, offering a smile and a “namaste” as we pass. I see the mountains, snow capped, massive, and ethereal looming above me. I see Josh, ever the optimist pushing forward and encouraging me even though I know he’s feeling it too. Everything tells me to keep going no matter how badly I want to stop. Now that we’ve made it here to Manang, I’m in awe of how far we’ve come and how close we are to finishing this trek. It’s been everything I thought/wanted and more. I can already feel that I’ve changed, along with the terrain (jungle, desert, forest, barren high mountain) We are so fortunate to share this world. After a refreshing day off today, the coming ones will only be harder and bring us up through the world’s highest pass at 17,769 feet! Thorung-La, we are humbled by you and we are ready for you 💪 #nepal #annapurnacircuit #manang #hiking #day7 #mountains

Day 2 out of 14 ✅ even though I’ve sweat through these clothes two days in a row now, all around is green and mountains and sky so life is great #nepal #himalayas #annapurnacircuittrek #day2

The top of Swayambhunath Temple, otherwise known as the Monkey Temple. Never thought I’d see a grown man get attacked by a monkey, but now I have 🙊🐒 #tempermental #nepal #monkeytemple #swayambhunath #kathmandu

Sitting here with a wonder of the world, and the Taj Mahal 😉🇮🇳 #tajmahal #travel #latergram

Over the weekend Keats and I passed our evaluation to become a certified therapy dog team! Cannot wait until our first visit in the community. We will be around the hospitals in Baltimore, and after our next certification, schools offering the R.E.A.D program. #littlemanlove #therapydog #therapydogteam #nctd #nationalcapitaltherapydog

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