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Kristen  29. Married. LFK. A scientist who is mostly obsessed with her dog. All opinions are my own.

Six eyes today! #eclipse

Side note: this was a really hard selfie to take because I couldn't see

Tyler: "Pepperidge Farms remembers." I think we have had five internet providers in the last 12 years.

My new teacup πŸ˜‚

This seems like a poor design decision.

Regram from @agirlhasnopresident ✊

"Look for the helpers." - Mr. Rogers

Sadie is my favorite helper. Here is a dump of the max number of photos you can upload at one time. Picture four, I think she was sneezing. Picture six, she was cheesing.
Thankful for dogs.

Rearranging our patio to enjoy the nice weather πŸ’ž

Sometimes, Tyler and I like mixing M&Ms with gardettos and call it, "Trail Mix without the bullshit." Tyler said, "If *I* had an Instagram, this is what I would put on it. Not kale shavings, not artsy bullshit braised yoga corned beef. This. M&Ms.and.Gardettos." Then he grabbed a mini bottle of wine and faceplanted in our junk food. *tear* I love this man

Finished a 20 month experiment at work and decided to have a bottle of fermented fruit salad for dinner

General appreciation post for my family.❀

Sadie and I chased down some squirrels to celebrate the ongoing unseasonably cool weather

Thai food with these girls! Couldn't decide between curry and noodles so I got both. Inspired by Tyler 😘

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