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Kristen  30. Married. LFK. A scientist who is mostly obsessed with her dog. All opinions are my own.

Just did Tyler's job for him, nbd💅 #durrimadeafunny

I was really into last night's sunset #latergram

Lab goodbye to @reach2oindrila as she goes on with her life's path (down the hall). Celebrating with some delicious @ramenbowlslawrence and also being possibly the most annoying customers there since we dragged a bunch of tables around😔 sorries, but the food was delish as always!🍜

I've been sick in bed today and didn't have much appetite but around dinner time, I thought that @leewayfranks sounded like freaking win.

Pic doesn't do it justice, oh mah gahd


I found this eight-year-old pic of a baby-faced Tyler and completely black-faced Sadie and it kinda made me cry, especially if you compare to what Sades looks like now 😭

Freeda 2: The Fur Strikes Back. Courtesy of @junglehousegoods

Regram from @positivelypresent
Happy Women's Day!

Spring is trying, I think.

Sadie Story: I opened the patio door since we are having a nice smarch day and Sadie went to sniff the air.

Then she came over to me and laid her paw and then her head on my chest and got my attention. She made sure we were making eye contact, and then she looked longingly over her shoulder towards the door and let out a little sigh.

So we went outside to play.😂😅

Well-deserved dinner and PIE with my favorite Liz


Btw I broke my phone pretty badly so I just got a replacement. Yay I'm back! But I lost all my contacts because I guess I'm living in 2007.
Please send me your number if we ever talk 😎

When I kicked Sadie off the bed this morning to make it #caseofthemondays

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