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Kam Izzwan 🇦🇺 Certified Coach  Multiple powerlifting champ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Ambassador @Maxs.malaysia @standardisssuegears @fg.malaysia

#askthegymbro what's the difference between T&G(touch and go) deadlift Vs. Dead stop deadlift? 💢💢💢💢💢
Dead stop is generally considered better preparation for competition because you will have to start from dead stop at the meet. As for T&G will change your mechanics from the second reps on because you are basically adding eccentric contraction to the 2nd rep that isn't there on the first reps. This is why most lifters will be able to pull more reps T&G than they will dead stop. That being said, T&G can still be a useful variation especially if you do not plan on competing in Strongman or powerlifting. ⭕️⭕️⭕️
▶️Extra hamstring and posterior chain works, forces you to stay tight.
▶️Encourage bad habit of bouncing if not done correctly.
Dead stop PROS
▶️Competition specific which forces you to work on technique.
Dead stop CONS
▶️Not getting the added work in eccentric phase and you won't be able to do as many reps as dead stop.
Guess I can join the King Kong group since I'm able to follow their lifted weight @kumareswarren @dinesh.kumar.56884 ✴️✴️✴️✴️
Fuel your workout with @maxs.malaysia @maxsprotein to enhance your performance.
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It look exactly like how I felt, smooth and confident with the weight lifted. Manage to move 91% MaxEffort 200Kg for three (3) to five (5) reps for four working sets. 💢💢💢💢
Here's my secret to progression eat according to your requirement and supplement with good ingredient like @maxsprotein. Get them from @befitmalaysia today

You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it. Be confident and positive with everything you are doing

When I realize those ladies have Arse I knew I need to be in the photo and share my asset 🍑. Good job and thank you ladies for being patient with us @andrea_ong @z_leigh_88 @niousharouhbakhsh 💢💢💢
This ladies look so good in those color coordinated apparel. You can get them from @kinatikactive

Several weeks ago I manage to move this weight for three (3) reps however the difficulty level or (Perceived Exertion) was at 8ish. Today at same intensity of 86% (190Kg) MaxEffort I manage to move it for ten (10) times which my Perceived Exertion is 6ish. The volume remain the same at 5 total working set however my training frequency has increase from two to three time in this new block.
How the fark you can gain that fast you ask? If you do follow my IG stories I frequently share what I eat and my current weight. At this stage I'm slightly heavier compare to several weeks ago thanks to Malaysian diet, I dislike it so much but it does benefit me in terms of weight gain from FAT (not good). I'll be leaning down slowly toward SAM powerlifting meet this coming August and at this intensity recovery supplement like @maxs.malaysia @maxsprotein Intraboost and Whey will aid in my recovery to lift more weight faster. You can get them today from @befitmalaysia

Also thank you Captain @prabhu.n for video
#MAXSProtein #TeamMAXS #LifesTooShortToBeSmall #MAXSInternational #FitnessMotivation #Aesthetics #Supplements #EatClean #FitFam #Fitspo #GymMotivation #TrainHard #WorkHard #Dedication #Shredded #CleanEating #HealthyLifestyle #FitLife #Bodybuilder #Bodybuilding #Squatspo #JustSquat #JustDoIt #HardWork #Ripped #beast #kmarubeast #MHCoverGuy17 #nextmenup

About six weeks ago these was not as easy as how it look in the video. I'd perform six (6) reps for eight (8) sets and today Im able to move 70% MaxEffort for eight (8) reps for five (5) sets. 💢💢💢💢
Various intensity and volume have I perform in a week. Constantly three time of bench press and due to this frequency I surely recovery supplement @maxs.malaysia Intraboost come into play. I highly recommend you to start taking supplement when your training frequency increases. ⭕️⭕️⭕️
Want to bench more weight? Do more bench press with various intensity. Try it

#MAXSProtein #TeamMAXS #LifesTooShortToBeSmall #MAXSInternational #FitnessMotivation #Aesthetics #Supplements #EatClean #FitFam #Fitspo #GymMotivation #TrainHard #WorkHard #Dedication #Shredded #CleanEating #HealthyLifestyle #FitLife #Bodybuilder #Bodybuilding #Squatspo #JustSquat #JustDoIt #HardWork #Ripped #beast #kmarubeast #MHCoverGuy17 #nextmenup

Everything requires time. When you invest your effort in something try not to expect to have instant result instead expect gradual gain however it will be permanent. Just about four weeks ago, I manage to move three (3) reps for five (5) sets and today at the same intensity 85% MaxEffort I'm able to move five (5) reps for five (5) sets. In this block things gonna look slightly heavy and one crucial ingredient I need is @maxsprotein @maxs.malaysia Whey and Intraboost for recovery so I don't screw things up.
Looking forward for @mpa.official S.A.M this coming August

Saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari jadi kepada mak cik tua @nanaalhaleq . It's official you're in the 3 series group which is half of century already 😂😂 Keep up the good work especially with your carrier and please stop taking video of me sleeping because of you everyone knows me as Mr.chubs that love to sleep 😴 Also thanks to @seanwong28 @elainewhc for the dinner last night, I feel FAT.
Ok bye ‼️

Meet team @maxs.malaysia and @maxineburnmy . It was a great catch up with @nazrief_nazri after awhile haven't seen him due to our time restriction. As a team we represent our trusted brand by constantly sharing our experience and educating to the community about the benefit of supplementing @maxs.malaysia @maxineburnmy into your daily nutrition. You an purchase them from @befitmalaysia 💢💢💢💢
Also we had a blast chilling with team @maxsproteinindone crew, hope to see you guys again in future

After the epic cheat meal reaching approx 2k -3K calories yesterday I need someone to comfort me and at least lie to me about how I look today. I had so many pizza, pasta and lots of bread. It was nice to meet team @befitmalaysia @maxsprotein @nabbawffmy .

Anyway when you guys see me at B.O.F just say I look fluffy ya 😉 have a great Saturday

When you forgotten dip belt and equipped with #lebrone soldier why not make use of it.

Why curl when you can dip

Let get this right guys and girl. WHEY is a byproduct of the manufacture for cheese of casein. It's not a special powder or "special Susu" that will make you gain muscle without doing anything. Mass gainer, weight gainer and even standard Whey product contain one main ingredient which is WHEY. These product has different purpose based on different goals. 💢💢💢
Those who seek weight gain but unable to eat to much than you should choose weight gainer that has between 600-1000 calories per serving however most of the calories comes from sugar. Those who wants to gain a bit of mass you guys should aim for mass gainer that has between 400-600 calories per serving. As for me, I love to eat and I know sometime I have no time to eat proper meat so I choose to supplement with @maxs.malaysia @maxsprotein Whey. It's simple and straight to the point, recovery and lean muscle gain. ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️
How about BCAA, which is the best? All brands has three main ingredient which is L-Luicine, valine and isoleucine. It's chain of amino acid but it's not as complete as protein. Best time to consume them is between and post workout. Depending on your goal again certain brand has different combination and also dosage. I choose @maxsprotein BCAA Intraboost because it has 1g of beta alanine. Trust me, you need those for an intense workout. Check them out @befitmalaysia today while stock last.

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