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K. Charles 

BBC, ah wait. No..CBS, ahh...OH!!! yeah..yeah. This is call a CBC drink. So here is my review. Whooooa dude, this drink was know...narly. So tubular. The earth just, know...PROVIDES!!!. LOL. It actually taste like something you might order from a Starbucks. It was very warm, smooth...and good. My was cinnamon, the other mint.

Still thinking where to next...

Wrapping the day up with my good friend Kecia J. Benson at the Getting Villa Museum.

Ok, no kidding. A good rain storm and this house will relocate to where I am standing.

Where to next after this view.

Thinking if I should...?

Art???. I think?

Yeah, I was..ahh..just putting it back down after lefting it over my head.

She was like a puppy in the window stareing at me from inside my car as we went to see the JLA movie. She never leaves hone without "Berry"

Had to lug up these stairs with 50lbs of equipment on my back to go to a shoot. Got to the top...looking around for the address I was give...ONLY to get a call from the other photographer that it was the wrong location. SO...I had to come back down these 140 flight of steps...catch a cab to the correct location. Got there, saw the other photographer (woman) lugging 80lbs of equipment up two flight of stairs by herself...ONLY to see her later pushing it BACK DOWN... because THAT was ALSO the wrong school. So...NOW....we had to push the cart down the block to the adjoining school...THEN...UP...three flight of stairs (now pulling 130lbs) as the other photographer was illegally parked and had to move her car. At the end of the day...YES, we were pissed at the studio. SOMEBODY getting SLAPPED Friday on payday...after I get my check though.

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