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Kevin Lyons 


In Celebration of MLK DAY, the annual @newyorkermag cover by Mark Ulriksen .... @markulriksenart

Great shot of my Vegas wall by @chanelfetaz from last year to warm us all up! @justkidsofficial @lifeisbeautiful @jnnysmth @busybirdy

Perhaps we are kindred spirits or maybe we just grew up on the same Kool-Aid, but more likely we are simply connected through the immovable and immeasurable cultural force called Hip-Hop. Either way, photographer, writer, and cultural gatekeeper, B+ has had my full attention since day one. Initially, it was his photos of old school LA, then the steady stream of album covers, and then, what really changed my life was his seminal book, It's Not About A Salary which told a COMMUNITY and CULTURAL story of Underground Hip-Hop in Los Angeles... something which no one from within the culture had ever really done to that point.... this was also not an LA of simply gang bangers, but of struggling artists, independent DJ's, Juice Joints, writers, Freestyle Fellowship, The Pharcyde, Stones Throw, Madlib, Dialated Peoples, and Malathion.... an LA that I arrived to in 94 and fell into... Maybe it was also because we had shared the same mentor in Dick Hebdige at CalArts that were seemingly linked in a struggle to try and better the art forms surrounding the culture, and had a vested interest in documenting it, telling its story, and seeing it survive the naysayers and crazy baldheads. It is with this special affinity, that I eagerly ordered, awaited and finally received my copy of his latest book, Music of The Unplayed. To see his 30 years plus of amazing images put into one book is insane. He also has really well written and important essays in here by Greg Tate and Jeff Chang... this is a special archive by a teacher and historian of the art form, the movement, and the culture... follow @bpleasel and go to @stonesthrow to order a copy...

1974, pre-Huncho Jack. #ralphsteadman

Sharp shootin wizard, but not a Grand Dragon. A chop off the block, but my pants ain't saggin... Got a strong ass grip, but my name ain't Money Grip. Liked Gladys better when she sang with the Pips....


Swipe to see my rounded out TOP 20 ALBUMS of 2018... the Year of new Hip-Hop....
11. Open Mike Eagle from @mellomusicgroup
12. Benny The Butcher - On Steroids courtesy @abcnt
13. Von Pea x The Other Guys
14. Apollo Brown and Planet Asia - Anchovies, also on @mellomusicgroup
15. Brock Hampton - Saturation 2
16. Rapsody - Laila's Wisdom
17. Cunninlynguists ... Rosa Acura Njano
18. Fel + Finale - Two Kings
19. The Alchemist - French Blends Part 2
20. El Camino's El Camino EP courtesy @Abcnt

Time for my ANNUAL ALBUMS OF THE YEAR.... a little thing I like to do every year... I personally love end of year lists.... actually read them and take them to heart... not sure if anyone else cares, but it is fun to look back at the year... last couple of years, I have posted very little Hip-Hop, but this year there was a definite return of the Boom Bap NYC style... very exciting... ironically my TOP 2 Albums of the Year do not reflect that.... but they both blew me away and were on heavy rotation... Here goes:
1. Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters... thanks to @jessecory for this one!
2. Descendants of Mike And Phoebe - a re-issue from Strata-East - thanks to @brewerytownbeats for this one!
3. Kendrick's Damn
4. Ras G
5. @djmuggs_the_black_goat_ with @meyhemlauren
6. J Scienide
7. Dillon & Diamond
8. @bambambaklava BlueChips 7000
9. Med, Blu, and Madlib - The Turn Up
10. DJ Low Cut's amazing Dead End

So far @michaelcostefr took the best photo in front of my latest and last #colettegaragedoor ... got the color, lighting and detail right... thanks to all who have been emotionally tagging me....

Going through some of my old @colette projects... swipe to see a few classics ....

Captured by @jnnysmth as we pulled a very cold, wet all-nighter painting the last #colettegaragedoor together.... in process under the yellow street lights and making my typical mess.... I will miss this place and this door more than anyone will ever know... #coletteforever ... merci to all who came by and kept me company! Properly lit finished photos to follow!

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