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Klon J Waldrip  Athens, GA I mostly draw in my truck during lunch breaks. Commissions open! DM or email me at klonwaldrip@gmail.com.

Embarrassing children is only one of the many services I provide.

I’m convinced that Margaret Wise Brown wrote her books in a haze of laudanum, but I have no proof. #kittencolors


Vampires don’t just turn into bats and wolves, you know? Sometimes they can turn into asscheeks.
#twerk #illustration #vampire #art #vampireart #stripper #goth #gothstagram #comix

I hope I don’t get shot on this redneck’s land.

Working on a flier for the 8-Track Gorilla. I don’t think I’ll use this, but I like how it turned out.
#illustration #ink #gorilla #planetoftheapes #athensga

Hasil Adkins! DM if you wanna buy it!

It’s midnight, so here’s a picture of Martin and Alan.

So today is my oldest son’s first day of high school. I’ll do him the favor of not posting any pics without his approval and, instead, give into #tbt and post a pic of myself in high school. I hope he feels welcomed and engaged and encouraged and challenged for the next four years. My hopes for him are elevated because of my love for him, but high hopes always make me nervous. Hopefully, I’m more nervous than he is. Good luck @the_bug_on_godzillas_foot! I’m so proud of you!

Just drawing Hasil Adkins.

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