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Klon J Waldrip  I mostly draw in my truck during lunch breaks.(klonwaldrip@gmail.com)


Sledding is a rare event in Georgia!

I used that art thing.

Good morning, Back From The Grave Vol. 3, I missed you, too.

I hope your evening was fruitful.

Is the Trololo guy the father of real estate agent @markspainrealestate??? #peoplewanttoknow #maury #separatedatbirth #trololo

Here’s a weird old thing I did.

Y’all, here’s my new brand, #houseofstyle! Do you think #daisyfuentes will DM me now?

I miss Jack Davis!

I wish that “In Search of Pagan Hollywood” had an IG account! I guess I have to keep Tumblr after all.

Because I’m the sensitive type, I wrote a poem for the Psychedelic Issue of the @nightwatchstudios zine that came a while back. A #sensitive #psychedelic #poem about #charlesmanson

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