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Klon J Waldrip  Athens, GA I mostly draw in my truck during lunch breaks. Commissions open! DM or email me at klonwaldrip@gmail.com.

Here are all my profiles from last November’s true crime series!
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Have you read my Late List zines? They’re all about video stores and the weirdos that work at them! Not only do I have issues of them for sale in my Big Cartel store (link in bio, my friends), I have a bunch of other garbage for sale, too! .
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I have an essay up at @diaboliquemagazine about the 1968 political satire Wild In The Streets!

The Lifeform drawing club word this week is “Medusa,” she’s one of my favorite characters ever. I hope lots of people draw her all decapitated, but I just went traditional Gorgon-style.
#medusa #lifeformdrawingclub #watercolor #lowbrow #lowbrowart #illustration #snake

Check it out! The 8 Track Gorilla 🦍 made a shirt with my art on there!


I’ve compiled list of ten of cinema’s greatest hippies.

Dick Shawn as Lorenzo St. Dubois (aka L.S.D.) in The Producers

Ruth Gordon as Maude in Harold and Maude

John Lazar as Z-Man in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Jerry Garcia as himself in Gimme Shelter

Dennis Hopper as Max in The Trip
Lynn Lowry as Carrie in I Drink Your Blood

Arnold Johnson as Putney Swope

Holly Woodlawn in Trash

Timothy Carey as Lord High ‘n’ Low in Head

And the greatest hippie in cinema history, Randy Burman as “Man at deli with hot dog pack” in Pink Flamingos

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