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klonde klonde

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'Klon-Day'πŸ’•  Step into my world 🌾🌍


Your 'prettiness' is not what will make you have an impact in someone's life, it's the energy you exude, the way your mind perceives the world, the LOVE you give, your ability to HEAL their emotional wounds & the sparkle in your eyes that reflect the state of your heart. The minute you stop trying to be just 'pretty' you will realise your true BEAUTY. I promise. ❀✌

Shout out to this Queen who popped up on my explore page, you're so beautiful ❀ @peachthief

To the soul that reads this, I want you to promise yourself that you will never let any man, woman, otherwise specified human, money or any type of circumstance rob you of your care - free, pure heart, or as @thalord_owns told me, your 'essence'. Who you are, your joy, your inner child, the happiness you used to feel as a kid for no reason, regain and protect that at all costs. It will change your life. Love Klonde πŸ’•πŸ’•

I used to think I loved you, you had a very subtle way of making me feel that I needed you. You came about slowly, but lingered for a very long time. First introducing me into a new world and showing me things I had never seen before. I can't lie, you had me hooked. I watched out for you every single day, knowing you would find a way to surprise me, somehow. You made me feel powerful, kept me in this small bubble. It was only after a while that I fully understood the damage you had caused me, totally damaging my confidence, my self worth, my perception of EVERYTHING. I did not even realise that I was slowly being killed, because the torture felt so sweet. After willfully allowing you to harm me, I can only now finally say that I have found a new level of peace within my spirit, which does NOT consist of you. I am fighting the battle that you still place into my mind, and I am finding myself in periods of unaltered peace. You was merely death disguised as life. But you have been conquered.

Guess who got tickets to see this Queen in February πŸ˜ŠπŸ’žπŸ’•

" and though tired.......you will be fine"

Oh and this post too, be mindful that anyone you meet is not just by chance, I truly believe that every action and encounter occurs for a reason.......I have met so many different people this year, some who have become my sisters instantly, some who have taught me a valuable lesson and tested my faith, some who have allowed me to understand what I want and some who have shown me what love means...positive and negative they were NOT coincidental! πŸ‘Œ

For the girls that read this πŸ’œ you are ever changing and always evolving for the best!

This is 100% true and this is the reason why I subtly work this out by asking someone what their favourite song is and I ask what song best describes/ defines them. Don't get me wrong I like a bit of trap but if you want me to invest my time, emotion and love in you and the only song you can think of which best describes your being is one by migos.....then no my friend...

I love my pain, it gives me guidance, it reveals my true self to me.
I am inlove with my sadness, it gives me wisdom,
I am inlove with my confusion, it gives me clarity,
I adore my insecurities, they allow me to be assured,
I embrace my life, whatever I encounter, all of its surprises and lessons.
I am inlove with my ability to just exist
I am inlove with sensitivity to pain
I am inlove with Life's ability to renew a broke heart, a lost spirit or a fractured mind,
Itmakes life so beautiful πŸ’œ

She is tender, ever-changing, unconventional and misunderstood. For these reasons she is divine. 🌹

I embrace my sexuality and I acknowledge that I am a sexual person. Yah made me a sexual being and that is not a sin, however I wholeheartedly believe in the value of abstinence, in my experience it has really tested the depth and strength of my relations and allowed me to filter through the bullshit. Being a spiritual girl does not mean I subdue or retreat from sexuality and sensuality, it's simply a matter of truly understanding the value of sex and treasuring it in the way that Yah has intended. πŸ’• (15/9/2017 Friday Evening laying in bed)

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