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Kelsey Lynn  🌟A place for me to share my love for Star Wars🌟 Includes cosplay, Funko pop, and more!

Scarlet Witch boot covers are done!! Now to finish this cosplay all I need to do is make the headpiece!
I’m getting soooo pumped for C2E2!
I didn’t hem the tops because I want it to be smooth. I’ll probably end up using fashion tape to keep them from rolling. And they’re actually pretty tight on my legs so I don’t have a problem with them falling down which is awesome!

Here’s my cosplans for @c2e2 March 23-24! Friday, I need to find/paint some new boots for Senatorial Leia. For Scarlet Witch on Sunday, I’m allllmost done with her cape. I’m just figuring out how to do the cowl. I actually ordered a size larger in the bodysuit so hopefully it arrives on time. But if it doesn’t I still have the smaller size. And finally her boot covers! Can’t wait to wear heels all day 😒. Sunday I’m actually not cosplaying but I will have my little cousin as Thanos with me.
Are you going to C2E2?! I’d love to meet up or if you see me walking around don’t hesitate to stop me!

I’ll show you the dark side
So now that I have a three day pass to C2E2, I’m planning out what cosplays I’ll be wearing. Definitely wearing senatorial Leia one day but for the other two I have no idea. I know a while back I said my little cousin and I would be Thanos and Loki but I won’t be able to get a Loki costume in time. And if I bring my cousin I would like to have somewhat cohesive cosplays or he just cosplays. What to do?? Because I also have an overwhelming urge to cosplay as Scarlet Witch, but the comic version. I’ve never done a sexy cosplay or anything to that degree before but I really want to. So we’ll see!

Yes I threw on my senatorial Leia cosplay and set up all my Leias for this picture. And yes I’m aware I’m still missing Slave Leia, Unmasked Boushh, and the Ewok Village Leia. The last one hasn’t been released yet but its coming soon and you know your girl is going to make sure she gets it. #funkowomenofpower #funkopop #funkopopprincessleia #starwars #starwarscosplay #funkopopcosplay #princessleia #princessleiacosplay #generalleia #generalleiacosplay

Every Leia cosplay I’ve done and will ever do is a tribute to the amazing woman that will forever be my role model. #carrieonforever

Behold my first official photo of my Kylo Ren cosplay! Can’t wait to go an actual shoot soon!
#starwars #starwarscosplay #kyloren #kylorencosplay #stormtrooper #theforcesawakens #santa #happyholidays

After a few road bumps, I’m ecstatic to share the first picture of my “compeleated” TFA Kylo Ren cosplay! He’s missing the helmet but that’s coming soon and belt is drying. Just ready wanted to get a post out today in honor of The Force Awakens 3 year anniversary. I have learned so many new skills through out this cosplay that I just want to go back to my first two and redo them! The monks cloth was a fraying mess to work with but I pulled through.
Now here’s the emotional part. When Force Awakens was released, I was hesitant to watch it because as a young girl I used to be made fun of for my interest in Star Wars. There was even another girl who I was friends with that liked it too and we stuck together. During middle school, that internet was lost. But man am I so glad I watched it because Force Awakens brought me back into Star Wars and has been such a huge part of my life these past years. Kylo was one of the new characters who I instantly liked and theres no way that me in 2015 would ever imagine that I would one day create his costume myself. I can’t wait to get some actual photos of him and share them with you guys!
#kyloren #kylorencosplay #bensolo #theforceawakens #starwars #starwarscosplay

Here’s my 2019 cosplans! I could potentially add more as the year goes on but we will see! First is Shaak Ti! I want to start working on her before Celebration in order to have her ready for the summer, because I will be making her for Rebel Legion! Next is Parade handmaiden. This one is a cosplay for both my sister and I. She has expressed interest in cosplaying with me so I thought this would be a great start. I’d make a version of the dress for each of us so we can switch from being handmaiden to Padme. Finally is The Last Jedi Kylo Ren! Not much to say about this one tbh. But I’m happy I already have the basics done: under shirt, gloves, lightsaber, and belt.
I am so happy to have found a new hobby and became part of this wonderful community. It’s been such a fun time talking with people, seeing their projects, getting help on mine, etc! This coming year I really hope to meet some of you in person, whether at Star Wars Celebration or any other con! Looking forward to the new year!

Never ever did I think I would make a corset but here I am!!
I got a little obsessed with my overlock stitch on my machine and finished seams that should have been pressed open. Also it’s not as tight as I would have wanted it to be. But learn from your mistakes right?! 😁😁

Woah is this actually new content?? Yes lol.
So on my story yesterday I mentioned that I’m a bit emotional about finishing Kylo’s shirt. Weird right. Well yes but here’s why... I was really scared to cut into the fabric I worked so hard pleating and the semi expensive fabric I chose for the body of the shirt. Which I’m sure every cosplayer feels from time to time and it’s totally okay. But I’m glad I got over it and cut into the fabric. Another part that makes me emotional is all the new skills I learned doing while this: pleating, using bias tape, and finishing my edges with an overlock stitch. Which yes they are a bit basic but being someone who is still very much a beginner, it makes me really proud of myself!
I am going with TFA Kylo right now and will most definitely do TLJ in the future!
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Little something I made for #sketchbooksunday and maybe possible cosplans? (Well when my skills are a bit better that is 😂). A girl can dream right?
#starwars #starwarssketch #padme #packinggown #padmecosplay

Soon I’ll have more cosplays to post but for now I’m stuck with Ceremonial and Bespin Leia (which isn’t a bad thing lol)
My original plan was to have my padme cape done by the start of school, but life got in the way. So the new goal is to have it done by the end of September. And I’m getting more glue to seal the petals in the mail soon. I’m pretty confident about this one. 😁
#starwars #starwarscosplay #princessleia #princessleia #princessleiacosplay #ceremonialleia

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