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katie lindequist  what a time to be alive. 📍NYC via LA

Still can’t believe I somehow live here. Also, this is my 400th insta pic, which is just crazy to me. Also also, this view is from my office’s rooftop - casual.

officially moved to New York City ✔️🚕🍎

gonna miss these days, fam 🔥🤗 #bs

a fun day of rosé, sunburns, and gfs ✨ thanks for being v good friends guys 🤗

It’s amazing how much can change in three years.
In three years I landed a great first job out of college, was promoted twice, moved in with two of my best friends into a too good to be true apartment in LA. A city I swore I would never live in after growing up 40 minutes outside of it - ironically I fell in love with it.
I gained friends, mentors, experiences and learned a lot of lessons. I had coworkers turn into friends, then into family. Cried a lot of tears, shared a lot of laughs, and have memories to take with me forever (some fuzzier than others😉) But through it all in these three years, my dream of moving to New York City remained.
Now here we are; a new job at Mastercard awaits me and my NYC adventure is about to begin. To everyone that’s ever known this lil tidbit about me: I am finally doing it. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of making these three years some of the best. And thanks for welcoming me with open arms, LA. You’ve been good to me and I’m surprised at how hard it is for me to leave you, but it’s time to move on to the city that never sleeps. The one that has always kept me going. New York City, I’ll see ya soon! 🤗🍎✨

@dodgers win ⚾️💙 #bleedblue

a v la saturday afternoon w a tarot card reader #delete ✨🔮⚡️


tried to think of a funny caption to describe last night but gave up. hbd @caitlinsweetser, love you! ✨🤗🥂

views ✌🏻

I wanna dance in the open breeze, feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing 💛

still burning fam🔥 #burnward

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