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Karen Lee Gamurot  21 • YWG • Clifford❣️

#TBT | Because sometimes I miss dance. Only sometimes.
Also, @m.mance is really good at dancing. And hey @dazznell, I miss you and your cool moves ❤️

Never will I ever forget your love and care for me Ma. Thank you for being the prime example of a selfless and humble woman; you are the reason why I am who I am and I couldn’t be more proud to call you my mother 💝 #RestInParadise #HappyMothersDay

Enjoying my two weeks of summer break while I can 😇

What a beautiful mess we are 💕 LOL all jokes aside, thank you so much to @rochelmc for believing in us (even when we didn’t 😂) and just for bringing us together! I genuinely haven’t had this much fun with a group in a while, love you ladies! PegCity Movement, here we come 🤪👵🏽 #ProjectFemmeSeniorCitizens #RheasScream

Three years.

No matter how many days, months, or years go by, the pain and heartache that I experienced will always feel as though it happened yesterday. I miss my best friend ❤️ I am sure of the fact that my Mom lives within me; I’m thankful for her constant guidance and love, even without her physically here. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that my Mom lives on in His Kingdom, happy in the Lord’s care.

You are my biggest inspiration Mama. I love you beyond words 👼🏻

Last night was definitely a great start to reading week 🥂✨

Livin’ my best life with my besties by my side ✨

To my dearest Clifford, thank you for loving me and accepting me as I am. You make me so happy, and I only hope that I make you just as happy!! I cannot wait to make more memories with you by my side. Here’s to more country music and patience with PUBG 😬 I love you endlessly 💖 #HappyOneYear

just cause I never curl my hair 😋

Our first Christmas together ☺️ Extremely thankful for you and your crazy, amazing family 💝 (photo creds to the GOAT: Ceby)

Had so much fun at the BIN workshop last night even though I was dying after the first class LOL 🙃 Thank you Kuya @rochelmc for yet another awesome piece!! I’ve missed dancing and learning from you 😛

@alliyahm @christelleayroso @jenatkinson_ 💖


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