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Klement Tinaj for Governor  This account is run by the Office of Candidate for Governor of California Klement Tinaj | Democratic Party | Act Now to Build a Better Tomorrow|

Victims, police officers, firefighters and soldiers who are fighting everyday for our freedom and safety since 9/11, will remain in our hearts and prayers. United We Stand. #neverforget911 🇺🇸

Happy 168 Birthday California! In February of 1848, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty which ended the Mexican War. In 1850, California was formally admitted to the union as the 31st state.
Today California is America's most populous state and fifth largest economy in the world even with major gold strikes, oil, military battles, population growth, water “wars”, technological innovations, and scientific achievements. Today you lead the nation in many areas including equality and work protection. #california #birthday

Happy 242nd birthday, America 🎉


Today's is the #USArmy's 243rd Birthday and the #NationalFlagDay 🇺🇸. The bond between two is meaningful and deep. We can't thank enough our brave men and women who sacrifice and dedicate their lives to save ours.
#flagday #usarmy #birthday

I will never stop working for the people of California. I was born to serve, inspire, teach, create and love.

Losing is simply giving up and we can't give up fighting for freedom of speech and religion. We can't give up fighting for those who are mentally ill and physically disabled. We can't give up fighting for veterans, single parents and children who are living on the streets cold and hungry. We can't give up fighting for our safety and protecting our values.
We can't give up fighting for ten million of us who are living under poverty line. We can't give up fighting for nearly two million children who are living under poverty line.
California is the greatest state in the nation. It has so much to offer but it needs a right leader at the right time.
We look up too much to our politicians and they are the reason for most of our problems.
How can we give up fighting when we have the highest taxes in the nation but we are still rated the worst in education, quality of life and traffic. We are in a housing crisis and have the highest homeless population in the nation. It's only getting worse.
How can we give up fighting when they cut job training programs, education programs and social security to give tax breaks to their donors.
Children depend on us just like we use to depend on our elders.
I want to fulfill Gods purpose. I was born to serve, inspire, teach, create and love.
We ran a clean campaign. My volunteers, supporters and everyone who was a part of my campaign can proudly stand up tall knowing that we weren't controlled by special interests, superPACs, big corporations, banks or unions. We had as much of a chance as any other candidate to accept dirty money but we didn't. We put people before profit and I wouldn't stop doing that.
I can't thank you all enough for being part of this family. Thank you for your guidance and support. I want you to remember two things. One- the system is rigged and corrupt. Two- I am only twenty-eight years old. This is just the beginning. Mark my words.


Less than an hour before the polls close. Go Vote 🇺🇸
#vote #june5th #california #gov2018

We are in it to win it. #votetinaj #california

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