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Clement Tse  I'd like to disappear thanks

I miss last year, it was a lot simpler then, right?


Day 16 - HK - “Looks like my summer vacation is ... over”

Day 15 - HK - gloomy like me

Day 14 - HK - 2 weeks in and I’m still getting lost.

Day 13 - HK - Had a fat family dinner and lunch. Sign me up to the gym.

Day 12 - HK - Went looking for something I couldn’t find.

Day 11 - HK - Happy Chinese New Year ! Had a fat lunch with relos :)

Day 10 - HK - Got to spend a day with a mate, just walked around.

Day 9 - HK - Went shopping but wasn’t here.

Day 8 - HK - Tiny buildings for tiny people. I also got to hang with my baby cousins. Ones cute and the other is insane.

Day 7 - HK - more birbs in a park and a bookstore that I sat and had a rest in. No read cuz I can’t read Chinese

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