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Klecker Knives  The worlds most versatile EDC is available at


Then the little old KLAX Lady, so sweet and so meek, said “If you won our GAW send your address this week”. Then you with a pen and paper in hand, sent us your address and Christmas was grand. .
Yes. This is your last chance. If you won, thus is the last time we will remind you.
See the winner Post for details. No DMs. .
Reposting winning names below.

A wonderful thing about living and working in a small town is that sometimes it’s almost like living in a Christmas Postcard......not always obviously, but days like today are nice. The air is crisp and there is Christmas music playing outside all over the center of town.
#smalltownlife #smallbusiness #silvertonoregon #kleckerknives #christmastime

We are looking at giving away some KLAX coins next week. If you’re interested just let me know below. What other items might you like to see giveaway on?

It’s always fun to see the changes that Katelyn does to our front window. I love Christmas time. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

​​KLAXmas Ornament Winners
Congrats to all 24 Winners listed below. Thank you for participating...
In order to get your KLAXmas Ornament, you MUST follow these directions below. DM's or comments here will NOT get you your ornament.
Send an email to us at kleckerknives@gmail.com
Subject Line: KLAXmus Winner
Then in the email put your Instagram ID @XXXXXX
Then type out your full mailing address as follows...
. Jim Smith 1234 SW Water St. Your Town, State 12345
That's it. We will send it out regular mail. .

What better way to carry your #edc tools than in your #edcphone of course. Everything you need...nothing you don’t. 🇺🇸www.kleckerknives.com
Home of the KLAX and the Klecker Daily Carry Tools. The tools that stowaway wherever you need them to. 🎖#VeteranOwned 🌧🏔#Oregon #SmallBusiness #kleckerknives #iphone #samsunggalaxy #griffinpockettool #edc #everydaycarry 🇺🇸⛺️🛠🔑🗝

#Repost @georgiabushcraft
Sign up for our Georgia Bushcraft Membership and save on classes and tons of gear! Just look at all of the AWESOME companies we teamed up to offer member discounts! EXTRA BONUS Save 20% on the upcoming @flintsteelcsg Flint Lock event next April! @relianceleatherworks @truprep_official @cvttents @bluealphagear @ltwrightknives @griffinpockettool @kleckerknives @simpleshotshootingsports @wazoosurvivalgear #bushcraft #georgiabushcraft #deals

Looky what I got today. Looking forward to expanding my bushcraft skills. Got a great intro via my friends @pathfindersurvival and @georgiabushcraft. We happen to have a great tools for that called the KLAX Feller (which Dave prefers) or the KLAX Lumberjack which I prefer. 🇺🇸www.kleckerknives.com
Home of the KLAX and the Klecker Daily Carry Tools. The tools that stowaway wherever you need them to. 🎖#VeteranOwned 🌧🏔#Oregon #SmallBusiness #kleckerknives #iphone #griffinpockettool #edc #everydaycarry 🇺🇸⛺️🛠🔑🗝

Yes. We agree it is a perfect way to carry our KDC Tools. .
#Repost @browncoattactical
We are frequently asked what the D ring option is for. Here’s a perfect example. Carry your @kleckerknives edc tools.
#browncoat #edc #belt #carry #tools #prep #2a #gun #guns #america #smallbusiness #veteran #owned #handmade

Found this cute video on YouTube. This father started out teaching his boy while he was young about proper knife safety by using our Trigger Knife Kit. That was a few years ago.Today they are still sticking to that pledge of proper education about knives. And Aiden still lives his blue knife.
The proper age for teaching kids about knife safety has to do with two things. The first is whether or not the parent feels that a child is able to grasp the concept. The second is the parent’s willingness to follow through and what is being taught.

After watching this boy with his father years later it is clear that he has a healthy respect for knives as well as a firm understanding of what they are and how to use them safely. My son Nathan was six when we made his first knife kit that started this whole craze. By the time he was eight he had his first real knife, and even though he had ADHD, he was very capable with Knives. I have never had to worry about him handling knives of any sort.

I have seen kids as young as 4 handling a knife in the safe manner. And I have seen kids as old as 12 show extreme immaturity with Knives. It’s not about age, it’s about maturity and proper parenting. The only other option is for kids to learn through their mistakes. While mistakes do happen regardless, as the main way to educate him, that’s not a route I was willing to go with my son.

Talk to your kids about knife safety. Pick up one of our knife kits and start working on it with your kids today.

#KleckerKnives #TriggerKnifeKit #KnifeSafety

It’s beginning to look a lot like KLAXmas.

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