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Our Team

A wise man once said that with great power comes great responsibility. But in our case it would be better worded as "With great team members comes great shenanigans". This is Jon. And when it comes to marketing or tackling anything new that pops up on a daily basis he's always there to make sure things get done. He is the backbone behind our website and all of the tradeshows that we try to tackle each year. If you need it done right and you need it done right now, Jon is your man.

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Why did they not have this when I was in the Marines? It works for babies of all sorts...including the Navy kind.
Tactical Baby Gear - Baby Bags for Men - Touch of Modern http://ow.ly/nuLL30beDQw

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I got my @grenadesoapco Tactical Toothbrush outfitted with @kleckerknives Stowaway Tools as a cool self contained firearms cleaning kit. Now it's time to upgrade my @keybar with some @kleckerknives Stowaway Tools. I've had it for just under a year and I love it. I'm sure whatever I choose out of this pile is going to make it just that much more awesome! #currin1776 #battlbox #kleckerknives #stowawaytools #grenadesoapco #tacticaltoothbrush #keybar #edc #everydaycarry

Only one piece left to print tomorrow on the BabyBar GAW winners and then they go out.
Congrats again to the winners.
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
And our bonus winner is @bunnywife08 🇺🇸www.kleckerknives.com
Home of the KLAX 🎖#VeteranOwned 🌧🏔#Oregon #SmallBusiness #kleckerknives 🇺🇸www.stowawaytools.com
⛺️Stowaway Lifestyle 🛠🔑🗝
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Awesome ideas from my buddy at @superessestraps plus a cameo appearance by our handle design.

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A 4 layer hank with highly porous, built-in carbon fiber cloth and silk nanofibrils (SNFs) filter. The filter is centered in the center of the bandana allowing you to treat water on the fly using as a straining system or use as a hand to mouth mask to shield from the effects of gases/smoke and airborne contaminates.


Water Filter: Removes contaminates in water. Serves as field expedient filter. Promotes decomposition of pollutants: cholora, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Particulates larger than sieve pours are captured and filtered from water. Pores and membranes allow water permeation (flux) and broad-spectrum separation on nano-particulants

Gas Mask: Removes harmful particles and contaminates such as carcinogens, exhaust, and other pollutants (such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia). Serves as barrier against poisonous gas such as benzene and carbinol and airborne pathogens.

SPECS: 2 cloth layers, 1 carbon fiber layer approx. 4"x4" sewn inside the center between layers, est. 12" x 12" size.

Tips: Hold center of hank against mouth/nose to aid in protection of harmful air contaminates. Wet/soak prior to use for best filter results.

Tips: To filter water, pour 2oz at a time into center of hank(holding in cone shape with stitched side up) and allow water to dissipate thru material into collection container and repeat process.

Tips: Fashion into bandage to ease blood loss. Offers absorbing and clotting functions needed to treat field injuries. Place on wound and secure in place.

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Blade Show 2017
Not your ordinary monolithic knife case. Hand made with Mahogany by my friend @kinsey.jw
For Blade Show this year we joined our strengths with the strengths of another solid US Small Business (also a Blade Show favorite) and have developed the perfect team knife. As such we have named it "team".....well not exactly but you'll get the idea soon.

When you launch your first US Made knife it's time to celebrate. Only 50 of these high end custom knives will be available.
We will be announcing the knife and the collaboration within the next few weeks.
Sale of the "team" knife will start at Blade Show, Friday at 1:00PM in our booth. Don't be late.
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Home of the KLAX 🎖#VeteranOwned 🌧🏔#Oregon #SmallBusiness #kleckerknives 🇺🇸www.stowawaytools.com
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The Griffin Stowaway Tool is One of the three most popular EDC tools that we have released. It has the perfect combination of eight different features that will come in and he when you least expect it. Shown here mounted into a KeyBar it turns your key carrier into a mini toolbox.

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Klecker Tools turn any @keybar into a multi tool and unlike any multi tool off there.

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Use code (KNOX) at checkout for 25% off order total ! 🇺🇸www.KeyBar.us🇺🇸 #MadeInTheUSA #Savannah 🔕#StopTheNoise 🗝🔑#KeyBar

The Klecker Knives knife module is available only from Keyport. But if you head to Blade Show and show up at our Booth on Saturday with your Keyport Slide 3.0 or Keyport Pivot we will be giving out a Free Custom Blue Klecker Knife Module to the first 20 people who pick up some Stowaway Tools. #KleckerKnives #BladeShow #BladeShow2017 #TheKeyport #Keyport

Question: When is a Spinner NOT a Spinner?
Answer: When it is ___________.

Do you know the correct answer?
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