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K L E A  Co-owner/founder @foreandscoresports Golf addict •Cody🐶 •Entrepreneur •Musician/singer •Lover of travel/all things outdoors •Philly bred •Upstate NY📍

Flashback to Coronado...no filter needed for California sunshine and beautiful putters @bradleyputters - hopefully get to put this puppy to work this weekend... supposed to climb out of the 40's FINALLY!!! #tgif everyone!!!

Tuesday's are for @travismathew ... 😉

Still waiting for winter to go the f*ck away. #itsAPRIL #enoughalready

There's something wrong when I have to flashback from April to February to remember what springtime temps felt like. Another winter storm in the forecast this weekend and I'm just over here like, come at me bro... 😂

Throwback to baby fades @aviaragolf ... living vicariously again bc spring has either changed its number or isn't answering my calls. 🙄🙋🏻😂
@golfbabes @foreandscoresports

Anybody got a rake...?? Happy #nationalpetday... 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂 Btw I love how he really kicks it into high gear on the second pass. #thatsmydog #suchagoodboy
Disclaimer (before anyone loses their sh*t): Friends with the owner and super at this course, it was end of season, only ones on the course, literally last day of operation and they were completely cool with Cody being out there and didn't care that he was running around as they have dogs too and they get it. So, save the criticism and just enjoy the hilarity. 👍🏼
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That's a wrap. ✌🏼@themasters Not the winner I wanted, but one of the most incredible weeks of my life. SO grateful for new friends made, experiences had, and memories banked to last a lifetime. 💚💛⛳️ #bossbabesgolf #newfriends #themasters

You guys....!!!!! It's S U N D A Y @themasters...!!! 😄💚💛⛳️ Sad I had to leave Augusta, but SO happy to be posted up in Philly with my parents who are both golf nuts and will be glued to the final round with me all afternoon...!!
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Felt good to get some pre-Masters swings in today... even tho it was cold AF. 🙄 #golfislife #mastersweekend #goawaywinter #takemebacktoAugusta

M o v i n g D a y....!!!! Cody is ready w his new collar that mommy brought home for him... how bout you??? Who do you want to see knock Reed off his high horse...?? 😂🙌🏼💚💛🐶

Amen (Corner ;) to great times with this hot mama @themasters ... we did our best to not block the view here the other day. 😉🙏🏼🌸 @mamischnider #MastersSquad #golfBABES #sisterfromanothermister

Epic day at Augusta National... I quite literally don't have the words right now to describe it except to say that I'm in a state of sheer bliss. 😄🙌🏼🐯💚💛⛳️

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