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Maren 🇳🇴| After Effects 

The first one to see her as her sister💌
Ac captainxswann
Some shakes voidcamille
#mikaelsonsiblingsseries2 (4/?)

My otps do have a lot in common i must say✨
Dt @goshqueens @stclinski & @87ua <3
Ac corusaudios

We keep this love in a photograph📸✨

I’m so sick of my feed so lemme try something new :)

Ended him before he even started (;
My woman already slaying her 15th season✨
Dt @mer.pompeo & @delenasrisen
Ac sirestiles

I want love like that
Dt @acrascia @http.mikaelson @mr.danielgilliessource <3
Ac me
song: deep end, by Birdy

Give me your hand, and i’ll hold it✨
Dt @theriverwolfs @void__nets @mysmarvel @cuteforbes @http.mikaelson
Part 3 #mikaelsonsiblingsseries2
My audio! Song: people help the people // birdy

Underrated brothers who secretly adores eachother💓
Dt @unholyxripper @theriverwolfs @chairs_empire <33
Ac lydiainskis (edited)
Part 2 of #mikaelsonsiblingsseries2

Been there for eachother since 990AD
Ac / ic bravenry
Dt @goshqueens @acrascia @haylijahsdiaries @http.mikaelson & @chairs_empire <3
First edit of #mikaelsonsiblingsseries2

Thats one mf iconic line⚜️
My audio
Sorry i’ve been unactive!
Song: walking the wire // imagine dragons

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