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What do you guys think of the Black Panther movie?
I loved it 🍿💕 #blackpanther


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Since y’all reported my back up here’s the new one @realkkvsh

My friend @robiiiworld and I 😂 #igottogo

School is supposed to be a safe place. This isn’t fair. My condolences and prayers go out to all those effected, young and innocent life’s were taken. 🙏🏼

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Caption this... 🤨

i wanna smoke and smile,
i wanna laugh and sometimes cry,
i just wanna have the time of my life,
with you. 💕🌸 hunter

You tell me,
You can’t get over me,
& haven’t had good sex,
until you met me,
And you don’t wanna be,
With nobody else,
But me,
Forget me?
You will never have better,
yea you wanna be forever,
And ever,
white dress and church bells,
Heaven or hell,
You’ll take any ticket,
I sell. -mikayla
Photocreds: @askaboutaaj

Is she for keeps?

I feel so much pain,
when I think of you,
I feel so much pain,
when I can’t be with you.
Is it me?
Or the things I do,
Why can’t you love me,
Like I love you,
It’s like,
are you dumb?
You’re such a fool,
To be blind like this,
It’s like,
I’m fighting for you,
With more than my fist,
And it’s like,
you don’t even want this.
Like why can’t I be missed,
It’s like I’m being dissed,
You can’t blame me for being pissed,
I need your love,
I need you attention,
Without you,
I can’t even function.
It’s like,
Your heart is on auction,
Sold to the highest bidder,
Why are you so bitter?
Why can’t you make me feel better?
Why can’t you you put me first?
You probably don’t even know how bad I’m hurt,
I don’t need no drug,
Your love is stronger than a perc,
I want this to be for better or for worst,
I really just want this to work.
I don’t want nothing more,
But for you to be happy with me,
For you to love me for me,
To love me from my head to my feet,
Not from my neck to my knees,
My body is for you to be pleased,
But what about me?
What about my needs?
What if I’m not pleased?
Not with sex,
Not with money,
Your love is the sweetest treat.
It can’t be beat.
A simple “i love you”
Turn my grey sky’s blue,
Your smile,
turns my frown upside down,
You should see,
how you make my heart pound,
When you hold my hand,
On a date on the town,
You are my mind at sound,
You are my rock,
My sturdy ground,
You are my pillow,
When I need a place to bellow,
Your voice sweeter than a cello,
Deep like a bass,
It fills the whole place,
I wanna let you know,
You’re the only star,
In my space.-mikayla

Sooo good I have to kiss it 💋👅🔥💦

BITCHHHHHHHH😭😭😭😭 @askaboutaaj

Since y’all always wanna report and delete my pics 😒 I miss my baddies though 🔥💋❤️ #remember #kkvsh #babes

I’ma hungry ass little girl,
Swallow don’t chew 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Hair- @hairbytyanna_


Throwback 🦁


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