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Ain't no romantic trip to Europe, but everything about this painting, to me, looks like these people are happy. Simpler times on one hand, so much more complicated on the other. #оттепель

Speaking of space dogs: Laika cigarettes - called so after the first dog in space, sadly she didn't make it, but the story and the PR issues at the time regarding her flight are fascinating. Also, also, sadly, majority of modern marketing in Russia has not moved on much since those times. Strong roots in history, I guess? #оттепель

Belka & Strelka, the space dogs. Прекрасная выставка "Оттепель" в Третьяковской Галлерее. Окно в настроения, быт и достижения целого периода нашей страны.

3am. Пельмени. Пушкин. Погуляли. #галошисчастья #aboutlastnight

Kudos to the lighting department! The whole exhibition is expertly displayed #artofthebrick #peace

My favourite by far! Very dynamic and life-like #artofthebrick

The art of lego - interesting experience for sure. Definitely go if you can appreciate how long it takes to assemble even the smallest of their toys!

Украшаем медиа рынок #гпм #8марта #отнасвам

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