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Happy days always ☀️

This boy hasn’t left my side all day today. He loves me so abundantly, so purely. Seth is truly a gift in my life and I am so thankful to have a buddy like him. My lil dude. I’m a person who lives with multiple mental illnesses which often leave me exhausted, unmotivated and feeling like I’ve failed myself. Seth has been an incredible source of comfort and love on the hardest days of my life in the last year and a half. It’s such a thrill to be his mama- he’s been a crazy sweet bean from day one. My water obsessed, cuddle-loving, endlessly playful, always hilarious, chirpy boy who never leaves my side. I feel so lucky. 💕

My only regret in life is not telling you I had a lame lil girl crush on you 8 years ago!!! Thankful to be able to love you now 💛 thank u for always sticking up for me, defending me, loving me, making me laugh and attempting to save my dumbass when I fall off the bed.
Fully completely ♥️
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Today is #transdayofvisibility ! Be an ally, educate yourself, ask questions in safe spaces, listen, be respectful & always love others ♥️
To my Noah, thank you for all the love & light you bring to my life. You are an absolute gift. I cherish you- fully completely ♥️🌈

These pictures & videos are absolutely one of my greatest accomplishments


This guy hit 6 months post-op on International Women’s Day! Oh the irony 😂 I love you and I am so proud to know and love someone so incredibly resilient, beautiful, hilarious and unbelievably strong. Your journey is a constant inspiration for me. Your experiences have enriched my ideas of gender, sexuality, femininity, masculinity and everything in between and beyond! Thank you for being so authentically you. 💕

IT HAS POCKETSSSSSSSSS. Bury me in this dress, I am deceased 😫💀⚰️

Thick & thin 🤞
(Cause he thicc & im thin)

Miss Honey curled up in a cuddle puddle with us for the first time💕

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