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Kaui Kanakaole  Hālau o Nakaulakuhikuhi // Ala Kukui // Makakū: the Dance, the Dancer, & Divinity


Champagne Hale: Veuve Clicquot
That is all

Good season Hana Canoe Club 13 Girls💪🏽 Mahalo coaches!! #hanacanoeclub #lastracebeforestates
#husslehard #elielikaumai

Prom Pose with kukui corsage adornment✨

#aftertheafterparty 🍻
#shestheman 👭
#shegettheguns 💪🏽 #myarmistoolong 🙄

And Hāna Kū Archery Tournament too! 🏹

We hosted an Archery tournament the day after our Hāna Kū dinner to bring it back to community and back to hunting and gathering as part of our lifestyle. 🏹

Mahalo to all of the men who entered, our sponsors who donated prizes, our chefs who cooked lunch, my brother @kanakaole who set the course and officiated and my AK team @mistyrayne_ and @pohakawaiipuuhaoa who organized and ran everything while I was on Oahu. 🏹

Such a full and fun weekend✨

And Prince Lot Hula Festival too💃🏽 #HOK

What an evening!!! Mahalo to the many minds and hands that came together to make Hāna Kū a success. I am full❤️ #Hoolaiwasathome

Few days out from our Hāna Kū event causes me to reflect back on the why and I am reminded of this poem-

How fortunate are we
When in life's looking glass
Our souls we see
Reflections of the past
Previewing eternity. --PJK

These tiny faces are the compass bearing of generations past and generations to come. We need to celebrate the richness of who we are as a people. We are but reflections of this beautiful one hānau.

#hānakū #ahaaina #alakukuihāna

H Ā N A K Ū:
A celebration of ʻāina expertise next weekend! Check out how to get your ticket at @alakukuihana or visit alakukui.org

H Ā N A K Ū: These men will be in fine form July 15th at @alakukuihana 'Aha ʻAina. Experts of the land, sea and kitchen. Join us for a memorable evening. Tickets still available✨

H Ā N A K Ū: Celebrating the continuance of traditional gathering knowledge from mauka to makai showcased through the skills of talented chefs like @chefwonder It will be an amazing evening! Join us, check out @alakukuihana or www.alakukui.org for more info.

H Ā N A K Ū: Celebrating traditional knowledge of our ʻāina, mauka to makai, through the expertise of our kāne both in and out of the kitchen🙌🏽 #theyrocktheuluapoleandtheapron

Check out @alakukuihana more info

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