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Kaileigh Cooper  corpus christi T • E • X • A • S 💇🏼👉🏽 @kolorbykaileigh

STOLEN. TEXAS. Both sxs were stolen out of the shop. They were last seen in Ganado around 1sm lastnight headed down 59 being hauled by two chevys. if anyyyyone sees them please let us know!! 😩 @orr_motorsports @ptut42 @dem_nb_boyz_bf @_deniseorr_ @brookealysonn @sierraalile_tomlinson @tomlinsontimmy @t_dub34

Blowing up cactus 🌵💕 #Texas

Life's not always perfect, but I can't complain when you'll always be my best friend. ❤️ #mcm

Texas Sunsets💕❤️ #ar15 #danieldefense #556 #roguetexas

Had a good time with you two lastnight. Love you both very much💕 #bestfriends @shelbyyware @sierraalile_tomlinson

Guess who got socks with their dogs picture on them!!? 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 #dogmom #pitbull

#flashbackfriday when we were cool & didn't live to work 24/7. ##worksucks #life @b.rittanyo #bff

Thirsty Thursday😉 #fridayjr

Them personalized plates are in🤷🏼‍♀️ #halllla #superbooty

Totally haven't given the proper instagram shoutout to my best friend for getting a rock put on her finger this weekend!😭 I'm so happy for you & cant wait to start planning!!!! Love you so much gorgeous! Thanks for being my bff for over 10 years now❤️❤️❤️ @shelbyyware #futuremrsevins

They say money doesn't buy happiness but I'd have to disagree because money bought & built this beautiful truck and It sure does make me happy every time I walk outside and see it. 😂
#alumiduty #ford #superbooty #texas #karma

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