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kjnyc  Only 2 things can make me jealous: (1) a rent-stabilized apartment on Central Park West and (2) “easy” babies. Unrelated: Our wedding highlight video:

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I have been so fortunate in life to be embraced by the most awesome women. Women who don't perceive another's success as their own failure, who know that envy is a waste of time and that celebrating each other is so much more fun...
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... I wanted to be bookended by my adulthood best friend and my childhood best friend at our altar, but another reason why there weren't more women standing up with me and Carlyle that day is that I didn't know how to choose between the rest of you!
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... My favorite compliment of any compliment I have ever received -- and the one I receive far more than any other -- is this:
"Katie, you have the most amazing friends."
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... Every time various circles in my life come together, you all walk away talking about how amazing the other circle was. Many of you have connected and formed your own relationships because we each believe we are conduits and not velvet ropes. Rather than crave exclusivity, we all value the authenticity of inclusiveness. I like to joke that it's because I only keep the good ones ... but you all have kept me in your lives just as much as I have kept you in mine.
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We asked a @juilliardschool string quartet to serenade our guests while we quietly shared our private vows along the Manhattan skyline. It was a quiet moment above a bustling city, with its grandiose views scored by its best musicians, and while no one ever heard a word we spoke to each other, it felt like we somehow shared every single part of our private commitment with all of those we love.
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... I truly believe that you are the company you keep. So, our day was just as much a celebration of all of you as it was a celebration of us. Because Carlyle and I aren't us without you.
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#BoozyPlayDates > #PlayDates
While parental participation in the assembly and consumption of adult beverages is optional, it is generally frowned upon to administer booze to babies.

I now know what it feels like to want to steal someone else’s #BFF after decades of other people trying to steal mine.

I’ll let @jazmynsimon borrow @bobbibaker if I can have @mrsjocelynmckinney from time to time. #BestFriendSwap

🍃 🍂🍃🍂

“I felt that the juxtaposition of the @honest flowers against the snowy backdrop of the #NYC skyline would serve as an ironic response to the alleged first day of spring.”
- Sydney, when asked to explain the thought process behind her #OOTD following the nor’easter that hit the east coast on 3/21

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