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Sterling Graves 

Found am awesome action shot from the last obstacle course I did. It was the #onetoughcookie put on by the local Girl Scouts and everyone got Girl Scout cookies in their participants pack, so there really isn't a downside to it.

#mudrun #girlscouts #ocr #captainamerica #superherolanding

Repping my favorite patriotic hero when running my #4onthe4th but I pushed it to 5. It was great to wake up and run on the dike overlooking the Mississippi River, absolutely gorgeous this morning. Everyone have fun and stay safe as you celebrate the 4th of July!

#captainamerica #running #extramile #4thofjuly

One of the best moments at any convention is seeing the excitement of a kid seeing their favorite characters in person. Here I am in replica fashion and he's dyed his hair pink and is just wearing a scarf yet we're repping our favorite characters. His dad was walking around with him, just happy to be there with his son and they were both having a great time. I brought them to the official photo shoot and I think that made their day. It's one of those things that makes this hobby pretty rewarding at times.

#acen2017 #animecentral #fairytail #natsu #happy #animeconvention

It was a pleasure to meet one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram, @vegetax6. He was just as awesome in person as he is on here.
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#latergram of my first half marathon at Starved Rock. It was a hot morning and definitely one of hardest runs I have had. It's also the furthest I have ever gone and despite all of my training I was woefully unprepared for it. But now I know more and I enjoyed my experience enough to do it again.

#halfmarathon #starvedrock #onyourleft #captainamerica #running #fitbitblaze #samadamsstarvedrockmarathonandhalf #samadams

First of all, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Second of all, since no one posted any embarrassing photos of me I found one myself for your entertainment. You're welcome to laugh with me, or at me, but thank you all for being there at some point in my life.

#birthday #transformation #old #throwback

So I gotta say one of my favorite people to follow on here is @brandywinecosplay, and she's only been on here for like a year, today, actually. I started following her in late June or early July because back then I was pretty much #TeamMystic trash and she was also Team Mystic so I had to support my team. I like her Lucy cosplay the most in terms of favoritism since I like Fairy Tail and cosplay Natsu, gotta rep the guild. Ban, Cubone, Android 17, Pikachu, Espeon, Nana, all of them are awesome! But seeing the hard work she puts out for everything of the course of her progress or the shoots, the fun she has with @funsizedcosplay, it's why I follow her and will continue to do so. I wish she was going to Anime Central because it would be awesome to catch up IRL, but Instagram will work just fine. Congratulations on #brandywine1year and many more. As always, keep up the great work!

As I near another trip around the sun I thought I would find a little #throwback because most people don't appreciate the denim jacket and green short combo these days. Nobody cared because those glasses made every other fashion choice stellar by comparison, haha.

#throwbackthursday #icandressmyselfmom #cokebottleglasses

Just under a week until my birthday, starting it right today with a suit and tie because the president of the company was swinging by and I had to at least look my best.
#ootd #suitandtie

I did not expect to match the lighting here at the reception. Celebrating @apple.martinez and Nick's big day!

#nofilter #wedding #nerdsgettingmarried

Personal post incoming: I have quite a few relationship goals, but the one I have always stressed is that I have to grow with someone, and that I have to be able to learn with or from them in some way, shape, or form. Above all, Biblical learning and knowledge is what I seek, as I want to apply it in every facet of my life. And I don't seek to find anyone who just agrees with everything that I say, but someone who looks at simple words in a different light, someone who will, to a healthy degree, challenge what I know or how it applies in context or out, because I seek to solidify my understanding. I want someone who actively seeks Him, they way I do. That is the ultimate #relationshipgoals
#Jesus #God #HolySpirit #TheBible #Christian #relationshipgoal #personal

I stole @mbecks.29 puppy during Ultimate Frisbee so I could play with him and take pictures. His name is Pilot and he's adorable and has a personal vendetta against water bottles.

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