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  From Guangzhou everything will be alright tmr will be fine

Keep going. Keep moving forward. You can do this.

After dinner, on the way to get my car

什麼都沒有的時候 其實也好輕鬆 一個人坦蕩蕩 反正互不相欠 反正我知道我一定會繼續往前走 做我該做的事

Threw a tantrum and then K.O. 3 mins after getting into the car

Finished the leftover with one of my fav beer

The instruction said to put sugar into water for these beauties and I was like wtf?! But I guess sometimes you gotta follow the rules. Don't rush into being a rebellion when you don't even know what you are going against. #latenightreflection


You either deal with it or deal with it

Messy hair and the 牙痛托腮 post, haha

One more day till my long weekend!

I miss you

There's something abt paper coffee cup that fascinates me. I still don't know what it is, but every time I look at one, I can feel the energy running through me and it gives me the urge of wanting to get up and do something. #motivation

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