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🥝Karen Dooley🤪 • PNW🗻🌿  Make Health Your Hobby👯‍♀️ The Joy of #MindfultrEating Certified Health Coach ↓100+lbs VSG June2014 🌈BoPo + Anti-Diet Culture🥊 🧀🍫🥗🍤EAT REAL FOOD🥦🍇🍰🍊

I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s been a combination of a few things. Personal, business, and social. I’ve been overwhelmed and uninspired in all aspects of my life. Great things are happening, they’re just happening offline. I’ll be back in the swing of things eventually, thanks for understanding this crazy time in my life, though. I fucking love you guys #kiwithetattooedlady

Working on a super secret project for @serenagwolf #ddd #dudedietdinners HOLY. SHIT.🤯💕🙌🏻quick PSA: I cant give out this recipe, sorry!🤭🤫😶🤐

Typical Saturday night


Quick reminder 💕

AAAAAH sleep sleep, mutha fuckaa

Yesterday made 8 years since I brought this goober home. Bruiser is my ultimate copilot and the best pup a girl could ever have (sorry Tessie). I love my baby Bruiser. My mister loser Bruiser... yeah. #dogisagirlsbestfriend #admiralbruiser #bruiser #rescuedog #rescuemutt #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund #dachshundmix #bestfriend #dogsofinstagram

FINALLY made that #2ingredientdough everyone keeps raving about. I. Am. In. LOVE 🍕

I missed you last year, @myfavoritemurder @hardstark; I couldn’t make that mistake again 👯‍♀️✨💕 so excited to share the night with @renaegade101 and @new_moon_magic THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU🥀🗿🔪💣🏕 #mfm #murderino #myfavoritemurder #georgiahardstark #staysexy #dontgetmurdered #stayoutoftheforest #youreinacultcallyourdad #fuckpoliteness

Pretty sure I missed #transformationtuesday so I’m doing this hella late and calling it #selfimprovementsaturday 🤷🏻‍♀️💕 #kiwithetattooedlady #mindfultreating #wls #vsg #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #bariatricbabes

🦉💕Owl rescue update: unfortunately, when we called to check up on our feathered friend, they discovered that he developed a hematoma in his neck from hitting the window that constricted his airway. It died in the loving care of the Portland Audubon Society before they could make the choice to euthanize it. I’m happy he was at least able to pass in a better environment than our front door step, but also sad because.... it’s just sad. Please still consider donating to the Audubon Society in your area or other wildlife rescue organizations if you’re able!

Seems like this little guy flew into our window ☹️ called the Audubon Society to come check it out; I hope s/he’s ok! 🚨🦉EDIT: at the request of the Audubon, we’ve been able to safely put this barred owl into a towel lined box for transport and it’s on its way for treatment! From the way it sounds, he’s alive and is being well cared for 💕 donate to the Wildlife Care Center by visiting and click DONATE NOW. Use intake number 2018-0338 and selecting WILDLIFE CARE CENTER for the donation allocation OR you can submit a general donation that will help the entire organization✨🦉volunteers make animal rescue and rehabilitation possible, so THANK YOU for all that you do!

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