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キウイ漢字  柿喰えば

Dang it!!! 😢 #shouldreallybeworking

@kenyoustackorcube and here it is, the book I was telling you about. Please be kind, this was like 1981 after all 😆

@lucestacker couple cycles for y’all with the second one being a new best time💥💥💥 thanks for the hot tips and looking forward to the analysis results

@lucestacker here we go for y’all. Cycle coming soon.

So this is why the Koreans are so quick @ashley.foster.boi

@lucestacker just remembered that I have a cubing comp to compete in soon 😁

Did not mind getting stuck behind this on the way into work this morning

@lucestacker putting the disappointing performances of the weekend behind me 😁

I got your back @lucestacker

@ashley.foster.boi 😱😱😱 surely we cannot get 4 scratches 😶

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