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kittyland_lovecenter  Meet Plumbat, Trogdor the Burninator, Whiskey Waffles Brown, and Hopper the hoppiest. Coolest cats in SLC.

Whiskey likes hiding in plants. #catsofinstagram #kittylandlovecenter #ragdoll #whiskey

Plumbat reaches for the food 😂#plumbat #kittylandlovecenter #calico #hangry

Red ears! Hopper and lots of fur on the couch. He is happy to have a good home! #redears #notaildontcare #redtabby #kittylandlovecenter #catsofinstagram

Okay it's official. If y'all read my last post, we found some stray cats that had been dumped in the mountains. 6 of them from different litters to be exact. After weeks of trying to catch them all, we succeeded. They have all been taken by the humane society or animal protection to find permanent homes EXCEPT this guy. His name is Hopper and he is now part of the kittyland love center family.

This morning has been very interesting. Someone dumped kittens on the side of the road up Big Cottonwood canyon, here in Utah. Luckily my friend who works with the forest service, saw one stick his head up over a log this morning. Of course she immediately called animal control and me. I have been up here all morning trying to round up these kittens! Turns out there is at least four and maybe five. One, possibly two, are still out there. I have traps set with food and am hoping we can get them. What a diverse litter as well. A long haired black, a rag doll Siamese, a long haired Manx stub tail, a tortoise shell calico, and possibly another black one. There are so many places and options for people who have kittens they don't want! I am upset that someone would dump their kittens on the side of a road up a canyon filled with coyotes. I so hope I am able to get the last one still out there. Breaks my heart. #humanesociety #catsofinstagram

"Sup ma?" Whiskey has a way with words. #whiskey #catsofinstagram #kittylandlovecenter #ragdoll

Chubs is the best at laying. Go chubs go. #chubs #catsofinstagram #kittylandlovecenter #notaildontcare

Plumbat is the best at napping. Plumbat- "I am napping mom, leave me be!" Me- "no" #kittylandlovecenter #catsofinstagram #plumbat #calico

Chubby got the looks....like "why you looking at me" looks. #chubs #chubby #notaildontcare #catsofinstagram #kittylandlovecenter #manx #ragdoll

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