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Truss Mermaid Hair  @Iroirocolors Ambassador 🤑 Kittyvip @trussprofessional Brand Specialist Lightening and Smoothing Specialist Independent Educator @GiuseppeFrancoSalon

I always use @iroirocolors
The colors are vegan, cruelty free and long lasting!
However mermaids like water and showers; so I send my clients home with @overtonecolor or they order it online.
When it comes to choosing a color to maintain a colormelt: I suggest go with the lightest color in your pallets:
In this case my client went home with pastel blue.
(The video is the after; after haircut; before roots and recolor) 💙

Professionals can save at @iroirocosmo with code Kitty10 (it’s in my bio) 💙
Book me at @giuseppefrancosalon ask for me by name or book through links in my bio ❤️💙❤️💙
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How about #memorylanemonday ?
I like that ❤️
When I first moved to Beverly Hills, this young stylist: full of passion and eager; @hairbyleslierene stopped in to visit and asked me if she could watch and ask a few questions; of course I said yes and ok.
I followed her on IG and I’ve seen her do soo much since then! It’s been 3 years and I think we’ve both come a long way and made great progress in our careers.
Always be kind and supportive to your fellow creative artists ❤️
There are plenty of heads of hair out there, and we’re all good at different things; I’ve seen Leslie do amazing things in Barbary; I hope I never have to touch a trimmer again 😅
The great thing is: you don’t have to do things you don’t enjoy.
No you don’t have to do everything your cosmetology license covers.
Yes you can if you want to.
Yes you can specialize; and no you don’t have to specialize in a specific field!
But you can if you want to.
Do what makes you and your intended guests happy 😃

Frizz free.
Formaldehyde free.
Book me.
Ask for Kitty at @giuseppefrancosalon

Mermaids, braids and rainbow hair 💙
What’s next for @rainbow_gangstah
All colors used are all @iroirocolors
First session was end of January.
We’ve done her roots 2-3 times since then.... We always play off of her faded colors and go from there.
@brazilianbondbuilder in her lightener for protection of her hair and scalp always.
Book me at @giuseppefrancosalon
I’m always booking new mermaids ❤️
#kittylahairstylist #iroirocolors

Missing my mermaid friends.
I hope my east coast babes are safe.
And stay safe.

Split personality is the new new.
Always changing her mind and slaying in any color @alyssamarieartistry
What’s next?
@richyhair x @iroirocolors and lots of @brazilianbondbuilder makes all her transformations possible.

I’m digging @harleyquinn_gothamsiren in black and red #harleyquinncosplay for @longbeachcomiccon
What do you think?
Red:blue ❤️💙
Red: black ❤️🖤

Strip the hair to make it fresh just so they can go back to the same thing all over again.
That’s what I do ❤️
Make the seemingly impossible happen and they’ll ask for impossible every time.
What’s next?
@alyssamarieartistry Wears 8 packs 60 cm @richyhair
I use everything in my arsenal to maintain her hair as healthy as possible through her crazy transformations.
Book me at @giuseppefrancosalon
Or text or dm me/ contact links are in bio ❤️

Fresh roots for @harleyquinn_gothamsiren 🖤Always❤️

Merbabe @alyssamarieartistry
Wearing 60cm @richyhair
Colored her hair and 8 packs have of tapes using @pulpriothair rapid toners mixed 1:3 for extensions and 1:2 for her hair.
Left side: Icy
Rights side: Violet

Book your new hair appointment with me at @giuseppefrancosalon

Merbabe @yasminjkassim
Is silky AF once again ❤️
Always a pleasure working on these mermaid locks ❤️
Thanks to @orocio34 for the extra hands ❤️
Book me at @giuseppefrancosalon
Links in my bio
DM questions on service
#kittylahairstylist #formaldehydefreesmoothingtreatment

Smoothing treatments are my second favorite ❤️
Even natural haired mermaids want more manageable hair...
Especially when it’s this long and thick!
Any questions?
DM me
Merbabe: @yasminjkassim
Book me at @giuseppefrancosalon or DM/text:email me
Links in bio
#formaldehydefreesmoothingtreatment #smoothingtreatment #kittylahairstylist

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