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Jaré  💙Cosplayer of badass superheroes ❤️Follow 4 fun pics & fitness tips 📸 Cosplay Photography 🕷@therpcstudio Ambassador 🤩 YouTube channel👇

What good are wings without the courage to fly? 🦋#youareagoddessinacityofangels #collettemillerwings #cityofangels

Ride or die baby ⚔️❤️⚔️ 📸by @cc.portraits #deadpoolandvanessa

Somehow got a selfie despite the long ass claws 😼 So....have you guys seen VENOM yet? Thumbs 👍 or thumbs 👎❓I love to discuss movies so let’s hear it! Personally, I thought Venom was portrayed perfectly - the look, the voice, the humor 😈 the overall plot could’ve been better but in all, it was a decent origin story 🖤 I’d love to hear what you guys think!

In many years of training, I never did much mobility work (aside from average stretches & the occasional yoga class)... ➖What I’ve learned is that you must develop a solid foundation of the basics before you can lift a bunch of weight / learn cool skills 🤸🏻‍♀️ Before, I just lifted heavy to gain muscle...Yes I worked on my form but I didn’t do much else outside of that ➖Example: Squats require hip, ankle & thoracic spine mobility, so you have to open up those areas aside from squatting 🏋️‍♀️ So here I am working on movements that mobilize & strengthen my hips & legs which will help me work towards increasing the difficulty 🏋️‍♀️ Hope this can help those of you working on that #cosbod or needing to step back & work on the basics because #trainsmarter 💪
1. Front Squats: chose a weight where i could keep proper form for 8-10 reps.
2. High Step-Ups: (had to drop the weights 😅 #noshame) Working the squat from the bottom up, using deeper range of motion.
3. Cossack Squats: don’t forget lateral movements! Foot on box so I can keep my heel down. Requires a lot of hip/ankle mobility & core strength.
4. Pancake Stretch 🥞 Opens the hips, hamstrings & adductors (inner thighs). Working on lengthening through the spine (keeping back flat)
Thank you @spideyfit for helping me check my ego & always giving me the edge I need to progress the right way 💪😜 #leaveyourEGOathome #hipmobility #mobilitymonday #qualityoverquantity #flexibilityprogress #frontsquats #girlgains #skilltraining #legdaybaby

#icymi can’t wait to F some s*** up as Gwen-Pool 💩Halloween is gonna be DP-tastic 💀 ...... ⚔️suit & belt made by @therpcstudio
#putonyourbrownpants #gwenpool #lacomiccon #gwenpoolcosplay #deadpool

Watch it webhead, I got a mean left hook 👊😜 @cc.portraits

Superheroes know the power that rings can hold, and so should we 💫 This ring by @secret.wood has the power to take me away to a beautiful place 🌎 Swipe to see what I mean 👉 The way they brought the waterfalls & trees to life in a gorgeous handcrafted ring you can take with you anywhere is just incredible! It’s a tiny little place living on your finger 🌿 Wearing it reminds me to appreciate the beauty this Earth holds...and that there are real places like this just waiting to be discovered 🦋 First 15 people to use code “thanks_kittyjane9” will get 15% off on their website 💙
#azurefalls #secretwood

More females are being cast into lead roles in Netflix superhero series and now superhero movies like Captain Marvel, Silver & Black and Dark Phoenix 👊 I think it’s about time and I hope that these will be supported in the same way as male-led movies are 🎞 These characters give us ladies heroes to look up to and relate to, so they are just as important as their male counterparts 💓 So yay for that 👏👏👏....................
🕸suit by @therpcstudio 📸 by @ericvalverdefotography

Eyes up here Tiger😼💎

Just a moment in my happy place doin the #thanossnap☀️🏖 Where is your happy place? Do you go there often? ✨ Taking moments for yourself and stopping to appreciate where you are (what you’re doing, who you’re with) can do wonders for your well being... Put the phone down, stop and listen, take a few deep breaths and SEE where you are...go to your happy place more often 🌴 Life goes by in a flash so we might as well take it ALL in because we only get 1 ✨ ✨✨

Test fit for Gwen Pool ⚔️ I have the mask too...comment with pink emojis if you wanna see more of this suit 💖Adding the accessories & it will be complete! Also working on my lineup for LA Comic Con...only been to 2 cons this year so the excitement is real 👻 Thanks to @therpcstudio for this badass suit! Sweet pattern designed by @brandonogilberto 👌

I call this the Gwenom-Demogorgon 👽

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