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Arie Angelica  Just a 20 year old girl trying to figure out what love is. Follow me I'll follow you. Warning I post a lot about bands 😝 ❤️S.A.B.❤️ met Andy 6/27/16

I know this is a wee bit late but #tbt to the day the squad took a rare picture with all of us in it. Ima get sappy 😂 I love these guys and I know we give each other a lot of crap but idk what I'd do without y'all. I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say even if we don't talk a lot when we all get together we are comfortable with each other. Those are the kind of friends that I wouldn't trade the world for ❤️

Definitely needed this today ❤️ #bands #andyblack #andybiersack #bvb #blackveilbrides #love #art #savior #hero

Went and saw #nervemovie and #ghostbusters with this cutie. We had a blast ^_^ and @machinegunkelly I knew you weren't a bad guy the whole time ❤️❤️ #driveins #funtimes #sisters #slay

Oml.... It's still sinking in.... I MET ANDY IN THE FLESH LIKE I TOUCHED HIM AND I SAW THOSE PERFECT BLUE EYES UP CLOSE LIKE.... Yea sorry 😂 I've only been waiting for that moment since I was a wee little las. I also met the lead singer of the new band Colours. They're awesome give them a look up!! Shout out to @the_princess_zelda_ s momma for this. You're the real mvp❤️ any who off to bed I'm so happy for this!! #andyblack #andybiersack #blueeyedangel #colours

Happy #nationalbestfriendday to my partner in crime. She steals my clothes and I do the same to her. We fight but always make up. She's better than a best friend because she's my sister 💜 i love you beba @qxeen_tayyy also super throw back to that one time we dressed up in poodle skirts 😂

I hate when anxiety hits and I can't breathe... damn thought I was a little better yay 😔

That ginger life. Burn and repeat lol #sun #swimming #funtimes #batman

Kitty snuggles with this cutie 😻❤️

As much as I'm happy to have this job I'm also so happy to go home 😂


Ok all of these bracelets are important to me in different ways and thank you NTIO for the chance to get these but do you see the rosary type one right there?? That one means the most to me. And I'll tell you the reason... So... When I was going through a hella shitty point in my life I was about to commit suicide... Totally not proud of that now. But I went on YouTube and they were in the playlist I was listening to and after about the 6-7 slice of the razor across my skin knives and pens came on.... As soon as it did I started bawling my eyes out because I felt like it was speaking straight to me. I vowed to never think of committing suicide again and after a while with help from friends and family I stopped cutting completely. I actually sent Andy my last razor a few years ago and that bracelet right there is based off of the rosary Andy wore in the music video. I'm crying typing this because this bracelet is symbolic for that choice I made to quit that destructive way of thinking. I know many people say oh this band saved my life and it gets oh so old but they really did. Without them I wouldn't be typing this for sure so thank you @andyblack @ashleypurdyinc @ceesespieces @jakepittsbvb and @nevertakeitoff for the bracelet that I cherish oh so deeply ❤️❤️


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