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Hannah Shaw  KITTEN LADY 👸🏼🍼🐱 Professional kitten rescuer and humane educator on a mission to change the world for the tiniest felines.

Morning sunlight and whiskers. ☀️ #kittenlady

Not long ago, Tetley was a tiny lil bear cub with a formula mustache. Scroll to see her now: healthy, independent, and all grown up! Just two days until she goes to her forever home with @tetleysfriends! ❤️ #tetley #kittenlady

Hey LAS VEGAS! Kittens need your help! Two weeks from today I'm teaching a class all about kitten care with @bestfriendsanimalsociety. I hope you can make it! Details at ❤️ #lasvegas #kittenlady #bestfriends #savethemall #savingkittenslives

Good morning, Douglas! ☀️ Are you ready for day two of socialization class? Yesterday's lesson: "chin scratches are pretty cool." Today's lesson: kisses not hisses! #exposuretherapy #socialization #feralkitten #douglas #kittenlady

Welcome, lil buddy! This is Douglas ❤️ named after the street he was found on in DC. Right now he isn't so sure about me, but over the next few days I'll be working with him to help him warm up to humans. This is done through positive exposure--they need to spend a lot of time around human sights, sounds, and touch, and to learn to associate those things with a positive experience such as a food reward. Don't worry Douglas, in a few days, you'll love it here! #shyboy #douglas #kittenlady

Lil kitten, big stretches ✨ @tetleysfriends #kittenlady

I wrote an article about rescuing a kitten in Peru, and it's on the homepage at right now if you'd like to give it a read! 🙃 Thanks @paw_culture! You can keep up with Munay at @mm_and_gren ❤️ #meowchupicchu #munay #kittenlady

"It started out with a fish. How did it end up like this? It was only a fish, it was only a fish..." (thank you to commenter @_a__m__p_ for getting this stuck in my head.) 😂😂😂 #trapneuterreturn #TNR

"Do you wanna be my friend? I've got delicious treats and snacks!" 😼 (Why does trapping feral kittens make me sound like a less creepy, benevolent version of that child-catcher with the wagon full of ice cream and lollipops from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?) 🍦🍭 #tnr #trapneuterreturn #chittychittybangbang #kittenlady

Got 'em! 💪🏼 Baby is very fearful but is at the age where I'm hopeful he'll warm up with lots of human exposure. Mama is very unsocialized and will be TNRed--meaning Trapped, Neutered (spayed), and Returned. TNR gives feral cats a chance to live a full life, without continuing to contribute to the population. No more kittens in the bushes for you, mama! ❤️ [As always, I appreciate those who help gently educate others about TNR in the comments section, as this is a new concept to many, and so important!] #tnr #trapneuterreturn #kittenlady

Feral kitten alert! 🚨 Tonight after dinner with a friend, we found an 8 week old feral kitten and his mama living in some bushes. 8 weeks is the perfect age for a feral kitten to still be able to warm up to humans, but the clock is ticking and I'll need to catch him soon if I want to be able to socialize him for adoption. Here I am coaxing him with food to see how he acts around people--he displays as unsocialized, and it isn't safe to pick him up. Heading back now with two traps and some tuna. Wish me luck! #TNR #feralkitten #trapneuterreturn #kittenlady

Bitsa, the kitten I fell in love with at @austin_humane, has found her home! Congratulations Bitsa! @atxfosterkittens 💖

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