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Kitty McTeague  🎼♡

Epic selfie mid-abduction

Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairytales. That's all she ever thinks about.

This family crashed my intimate gondola ride for one, not the other way around #tbt

Came for the cake, stayed for the cake

What’s weird is when it’s not weird anymore

A real awkward thing is drawing an angel dick

A bottle of makers, never too far

The sounds in my mind just come to me, come see, come see.

I know why the skies all cry

Bluebird flying high, tell me what you sing. If you could talk to me, what news would you bring - of voices in the sky

School taught one and one is two, but right now, that answer just ain’t true. My world is spinning around. Everything is lost that I found. People run, come ride with me. Let’s find another place that’s free

“¡Es cuba!”

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