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these themed photosets have been so much fun to make 😊😆🐷🐮🐔✨ which one do you like best? (1, 2, or 3?) (swiiiipe!)

Ashehole hoedown starts in 5 minutes 🖤✨ 3 highest tippers win today's full photoset! (direct link on twitter)

✨🖤 5 mins until our Friday together begins 🖤✨ if someone tips 888 in the first 5 mins online, 1st shot is a double! (direct link on twitter)

things that make my eyeballs happy ☺️✨

🌸✨ so many colors in the yard recently, I love it! 🌸✨

Emo Night starts in my MFC chatroom right meow 🤘🏻🖤✨ direct link is on twitter! (@ ashemareexoxo)

👋🏻 hi ⛅️

‪dancing & drinking tonight, cuz it's Fuckin Friday!!!✨🍺 see ya in 20ish minutes! 🖤✨ (check twitter for a direct link)


we played Little Big Planet on cam last night and I had a fricken blast ☺️

baby bunny siblings playing around in the yard this morning

story time ✨ 🐻⠀
about two weeks after I first moved into this place I'm renting, while a friend and I were sitting outside, a little (well, medium? sized) bear rolled down this wall and into the yard. obviously a bit freaked out, we ran into the house to watch from the safety of the windows. the bear casually waddled its way through the grass, then through the pots (knocking one over), its tongue hanging out like a happy dog in between sniffing things out. after trying to climb a tree, and failing, and pooping in the middle of the yard, it waddled its way back to the wall and hopped back over to my neighbor's. by the time animal control came to escort the lil buddy back home, it was already long gone, apparently! Winnie the Poo had escaped with some adventures to share back home 💛✨

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