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Chelsea🐱🍷⚰️🖤  I take halloween very seriously.

I think Father’s Day is a good a day as any to let the world know Douglas Kevan has a meeeean duck face😘 #sorrydad

I got the ok to move into my new job/home in two weeks which means all kinds of goal affirming✨ wildest dream pursuing✨ life path manifesting✨ stuff n things BUT above all else it means after nine months of not having 20 lbs of Oliver sleep on my chest I'm going to be reunited with my fat lil mans😩🐱🍔🖤✨ #afatbaby #amarshmallowbby #ahamburger #apurrbox #oliverkitten

schmood 5 ever 🌶🍯🍷🌹🖤✨ #aboutme

being home for a minute filled my heart with all kinds of love and gratitude for my beautiful friend flowers🍻🖤✨ #homesweethome #heartswell #cultivatelove #chelagrabackatitagian #imissedmerlmostofall

no one likes you when you're 26 either only difference is you don't fucking care anymore🎂✨ #content #thrivingeven

Happy 22nd birthday you hulking sarcastic ginger genius. Do you remember when you first started talking and you had to have overheard dad because all of a sudden your favorite word was "douche bag"? I do. It was delightful. I love you very very very much and I'm so infinitely proud of everything you! 🐱🖤🐶🍻✨ #wolfpack #actionjackson

40 never looked this gooood🍾🎶🖤 #lookatmygorgeousauntie #familytime

extra exxxtra™ 4 eprom shenanigans💃🏻💃🏽🍾🖤 #heterolifemate

I heard it was like sibling day or something yesterday? I'm far too petty to resist the opportunity to embarrass my brudder🤷🏻‍♀️ #perpetuallyadaylate #sistersarerough #nationalsiblingday

Portlandia hangs with my favoritest boys🍺🥑🍜💸🌤💞✨ #brudders

Dylan took such a quality picture of me 📷 @eryday_312 #sideeye #whythis #personalityshot

We saw a whole ass rainbow and promptly screamed about it in front of all the tourists. I'm not even a little bit sorry. I already miss you so much my sparkly mermaid but I know you'll be back soon💞🦄🦊🌈🌟✨ #seesterseester #letmetellyouboutmybestfriend #somanythrowbacks #solittletime

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