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“I know a girl whose one goal was to go to Rome. Then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home. Cause all that mattered was impressing everybody she’s known” Drake .
Seriously these lyrics just hit the spot. Social media can either be a really good thing or a really bad thing. I’ve caught myself worrying more about getting the “perfect” picture instead of soaking up the memories that’s right in front of me. What’s happiness if we are too concerned about how many likes we get or how many strangers praise us or what we are doing? So to get to the point; I am taking a break from social media for a while to refocus myself and grind towards new & old goals. To do things for a cause and not for applause. To be the best version of myself. To use my efforts for something greater & lastly, to spend the little time we have on earth with the people who matter and will always cheer me on no matter what I choose to do ❤️

We good luv, enjoy x

Life with this guy is so much more fun 💙

Went to the beach for a girl’s trip & my phone broke down. It was definitely a blessing in disguise because I was forced to soak up everything for what it is. I made memories in my mind rather than focusing on social media and what the PEOPLE prefer to see. #thankful

I don't make a lot of posts about my "personal" life, but today is just one them days. I mean...just look at these two! 😍💙

Oh hello quads 😜

Daydreaming about being back on the BEACH, where I belong ☀️
I haven't been consistent on here & it's been amazing. I have absolutely NO stress over how many followers or likes I have. I've lost a lot of followers because of that & that is perfectly OKAY! Much love to the ones who continue to support me regardless and are GENUINELY happy that I'm doing good. LIVE LIFE IN THE PRESENT and have no regrets about it 💙

No limit in the sky that I wouldn't fly for ya ✈️

Here is a throwback transformation from last year that I'm using as a motivation to get back. Crazy what our bodies are capable of, if we just put our mind to it!

Back on the GRIND 💪🏼 of course ALWAYS with my @getpeachyfit bands. Don't forget to use my discount code KITTAFIT20 to save some money 😘

Ok ok another transformation. These pics are almost exactly one year apart. Between the two pictures there isn't just PHYSICAL growth, but also PERSONAL growth. I am more confident in my own skin, HAPPIER & feeling soooo BLESSED! 💕

Looking at bae's plate like....are you gon eat that? 😛

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