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Martina Bisaz  Photo maker | solo traveler | based in Switzerland | fiat500 67' and VW T2 77' | ✉️

It makes me very happy to see more and more people and brands are changing to a more sustainable lifestyle nowadays.
@ikeaschweiz wants to motivate you with 10 tips to live a more sustainable life. One of them is eat less meat. I am a vegetarian for many years now, vegan for about 2. I am not telling you to become vegetarian or vegan, that is eveyones personal desicion, but if everybody would just eat less meat that can make a big difference already. Check out their 10 tips challenge, link is in my bio, and tell me what do you do in your everyday life for a "green living"? Also check out Ikeas vegan veggie balls ALLEMANSRÄTTEN next time. ;) #ikeaschweiz #ad

Free Spirit. That‘s what we are. #martinagoesmorocco

I already miss the south of Morocco. I‘m heading back north now and soon have to make my way back to switzerland. #martinagoesmorocco

It‘s been just over a month now since I’ve been in morocco. Time flies! And only 4 more days until the end of my Free Spirit campaign. If you still want to get one of these T-shirts, click the link in my bio. There are different styles and colours availible. I wanna thank all of you who already bought one. I‘m incredible thankful and can‘t wait to see how it will look on you 🙏🏻. (Worldwide shipping) #martinagoesmorocco

Walking through the narrow alleys of Chefchouen was something I never got bored of. #martinagoesmorocco

Free Spirit in the Sahara desert. Is it real or just a dream?
It was my dream and I made it come true! #martinagoesmorocco

Tinghir - Old houses and structures are falling apart, while new ones are built next to them. #martinagoesmorocco

I have been thinking a lot if I should write about this again or not. But everyday I get many messages asking me if I am not afraid travelling alone as a woman in a country like this. How I protect myself. I don‘t know anymore what to say to this. If I would be travelling through France for example, I am sure I‘d get only half the amount of such messages. But fact is, many countries in europe, like france, spain or Italy has a higher crime rate than morocco. Morocco is safe, same as Iran where I travelled last year. Just because it’s a islamic country, doesn‘t mean it’s full of murderers, terrorits or rapists. There are crazy people everywhere in this world. Even outside your house. But you still leave your house, go to a shopping mall, use the metro, go to a club. If I’d be afraid to travel alone, I would not do it. I would stay at home. But I decided to experience this world on my own. See it with my own eyes. Make my own opinion about a country. Get to know the culture and their people. Be open. Be positive. Be happy and don‘t let any fear or prejudgment ruin it. Women or men. Muslim, Christian or Atheist. It doesn’t matter. We are all equal and should travel the world without fear.
I can‘t tell you how to do or learn this. How not to be afraid. Because I didn‘t learn this. This is just me. How I am. I found out 2 years ago, that I actually love travelling alone. Locals are mostly very helpful and you meet many people this way. I would say more than if you‘d travel with someone. And don’t wait for the right moment, don’t wait until you have a partner to accompany you. Do it now! If you wait, you might never do it. If you are a women, of course men will approche you here in Morocco. They try to sell you something or maybe try to hit on you and if they annoy you and won‘t leave, tell them to f** off or you‘ll call the police. They might have a different understanding about personal space than I do or you do, but they are not more dangerouse than your neighbour.
All I can say, before you travel to a country, do some research and learn if there is REAL danger or not. And always use your common sense.

I really wanted a shot of my van on this road. But some things are just not possible when travelling alone. #martinagoesmorocco

Sometimes you gotta be lucky. #martinagoesmorocco

Windy evenings in morocco. #martinagoesmorocco

A true oasis in the desert. I was actually only driving through this town when Adbel approached me and invited me for tea while I was taking photos in front of their house. My first natural reaction was like, no thanks, leave me alone, I don’t want anything. Because 99% of the men who come start talking to me here in morocco, want to sell something. But after exchanging a few words, I realized quickly that he really meant well and had no bad intentions. The family welcomed me with open arms like I’m a part of them. I ended up staying with them for 4 days. You gotta be always open with people, and you‘ll recognize quickly if they mean well or not. #martinagoesmorocco

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