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KITKAT  Have a break, have a KITKAT. Share your KITKAT pics with us using #KITKAT #HaveAbreak #mybreak

KITKAT Ruby Cupcakes are not out of your reach. Follow these steps and bake it happen! #unexpectedbreak

Milk, dark, white… and RUBY! After its successful debut in Japan and Korea, KitKat Ruby is now launching in Europe #unexpectedbreak

Have a break from Winter and put a spring into your step by giving this KITKAT Tart a go! #HaveABreak

Check out this amazing KITKAT Pancake recipe for a mouthwatering break #HaveABreak

Don’t let this recipe be just a pie in the sky. Have a break and try your hand at making your own Shiny KITKAT Pie. #HaveABreak

Thank you to everyone who turned off their lights to give Planet Earth a break. #SwitchOff #HaveABreak

Remember to give Planet Earth a break, #SwitchOff your lights at 8:30pm for an hour. #HaveABreak

It’s Valentine’s Day! Why share a selfie when you can share a KitKat? 😉 Have a break, have a KitKat.

This Valentine’s Day, have a little break from swiping left and right. The love of your life might be right in front of you.

We’ve launched the world’s first #KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby in #Japan and #Korea — a new product made from the natural Ruby cocoa bean with a characteristic pink colour.

Before you log off for the year, this is one recipe you’ll want to add to your wish list.

Give this frozen KITKAT soufflé recipe a try and watch them disa-pear before your eyes.

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