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kit  A Whispering Campaign Email [email protected] for random collaborations.

Manimal 01 WIP

Heres to you, kid.

Many happy returns.

I don't know how you house the sin.

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

Now, everybody from the 313, put your motherfucking hands up and follow me.

Meet Lumpy, the limbless mouse with alopecia.

Sketch for mural project, "Tabula Biru"


keeps a smile
around a while
he took no fright
and jettisoned
we'll go tonight
to hear him tell
"oh well"

Ok. So like. I was thinking, its been slightly more than 2 years since I started working on this thing call "A Whispering Campaign", maybe I outta get my shit together and like have a website or something. So here's a website if you are wondering what the heck it is that i do.
Link on profile.
Ps: if you spot any typos and grammatical errors, pleeeease let me know.

Pps: you'll probably still end up not knowing what it is i do even after looking at that mess of a website. But hey, there are pictures and videos and all that jazz. 😄

So I went down to the river of insufferable sins
Lord I tried but the water wouldn't let me come in
Too many lives have been broken
There's too much blood on my hands
There ain't no water in this world could turn me back into an innocent man

There ain't no room among the damned for such a broken and a penitent man.

If the sun was always shining and our load always light,
We’d be shaking like a leaf with every God given night
And we’d break under the weight of any pressure that was ever applied.